In their defense

Our position: The addition of the self-defense class for next year is a great alternative to the current PE classes.

A new self-defense class will be available starting in the 2020-21 school year. While it is only available for female identifying students, it will prove to be a more engaging alternative to normal PE classes. Whether a student is in dance fitness, SCUBA, or just regular PE, there are minimal instances where the skills they learn in those classes could be tested in real life. Not everyone needs to know how to kayak, do Chaturanga Dandasana or SCUBA dive, but a student will never know when they could be in a potentially dangerous situation where they need to defend themselves from bodily harm.

Besides gaining the ability to protect themselves, students who take this class can also gain a sense of empowerment knowing they are equipped to take better control of dangerous situations. In addition, the semester long course will be able to count for PE credit. The class will consist of learning physical self defense mechanisms, but there will be an “in classroom” portion focused on reading information and analysis of dangerous situations.

The self-defense class is a wonderful opportunity for students to combine fitness and education while learning about defending themselves from harm

The class is predicted to be taught by PE teachers Kathy Beyer and Joe Conway who have completed the necessary certifications necessary to teach self-defense classes.

According to RAINN, an organization dedicated to sexual assault, states that every 73 seconds an American is assaulted; and every nine minutes the victim is a minor. These statistics show the necessity of this class.

The idea was proposed in 2016, but it has taken time to come to fruition. Other local schools have raised awareness about their own desires forthe class, and it is praiseworthy that LT jumped on the opportunity to include it into their own curriculum.

With all of the elements that the class contains, the teachers hope to create an environment that makes women feel capable, strong, and worth it, Beyer said.

This explicit aim is found in no other classes at LT, PE or otherwise. To have such a unique class available to our students, shows that LT can adapt to student needs by adding classes based on what they believe will most benefit the student body.