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Opinion: The privilege that lies in being ‘non-political’

November 2, 2020

I’ve never been the biggest fan of the phrase “I don’t get involved in politics,” and to be quite honest, the saying has never sat well with me. You see, there’s a vast difference between choosing...

Opinion: Let there be candy!

October 31, 2020

Given the year that 2020 has been, it’s not a bad thing to have a little distraction. However, unprecedented times bring up a question: are our holidays going to be ruined? With spooky season in full...

Opinion: Indoor fun for everyone

October 31, 2020

Through wary times and an inclement season, Halloween has unexpectedly become a part of a very controversial debate. Aside from the usual parental fears that their kids won’t be able to sleep at night...

Opinion: Comfort is king

October 27, 2020

With online learning, many students have decided to forgo dressing nice for a more casual attire. Students should be allowed to wear whatever they want to Zoom meetings as long as their clothing is appropriate.  Even...

Herd Mentality Cartoon

October 26, 2020

Opinion: Dressing up for zoom, the ultimate act of rebellion

Don’t do Zoom in Pajamas! How are you going to get anything done? (Katy Moore)
October 26, 2020

Most students roll out of bed, open up their computer and call it a morning routine. Not me. I love clothes! I dress up for Zoom classes everyday. Putting on clothes is my creative outlet. When it comes...

Opinion: Amy Coney Barrett is a tarnish to RBG’s legacy

Amy Coney Barrett being nominated for Supreme Court Justice. (Creative Commons)
October 23, 2020

Sept. 18, 2020, was a dark day in American history. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bater Ginsberg died after losing her battle with pancreatic cancer. Many people across the nation spent that Friday night...

Trader Joe’s releases fall products for new season

Trader Joe’s releases fall products for new season
October 22, 2020  

Opinion: 7 Gates Review

 The falafel wrap with a side of bulgur Williams/LION
7 Gates Restaurant offers high-quality Mediterranean cuisine LaGrange was missing by Claire Williams
October 22, 2020

LaGrange has been lacking in Mediterranean cuisine for quite some time. When The Halal Guys opened, I thought that maybe that hole would be filled. However, the fast food nature of their restaurant and...

Opinion: LT should implement a testing program before going to hybrid school

Above is a COVID-19 test and mask
October 19, 2020

Position Statement: LT should implement a testing program before going to hybrid school to keep all students and faculty safe.  As numbers of COVID-19 cases rise in Illinois to those higher than when...

Barbeque restaurant opens in midst of pandemic

October 16, 2020

Barbeque restaurants have never been my first choice when picking somewhere to go out and eat. I usually find it messy and uncomfortable eating those types of foods in public. However, I was pleasantly...

Editorial: Ugly truth of online learning

October 14, 2020

Position statement:  The current e-learning schedule for LT students is detrimental to their physical and mental well-being and presents an increased pressure on students to teach themselves material...

The Elm restaurant review

“George’s Bank Swordfish” from The Elm
October 14, 2020

Sleek black paneled windows encompass shades of grey, white and orange toned decor. A spacious dining room surrounds the open kitchen filled with staff busy preparing dishes. Industrial modern railings...

Opinion- Black lives matter today, tomorrow, always

Photo taken by Conor Cahill ‘21
October 8, 2020

For some reason the George Floyd killing felt and hurt differently for me and so many others. The pain of these events reverberated within so many people in this country and across the world. The world...

Editorial: IHSA’s unfair treatment

October 5, 2020

Our Position: The IHSA’s decision to delay the spring sport season until summer is unfair towards the spring sport athletes that will be forced to choose between their high school and club sport season.  Due...

Opinion: Keep us safe and remote

October 5, 2020

Should LT go back to school, or should students stay in their homes and learn on Zoom? In this day and age, both ways of learning have their ups and downs. Many students are losing their mind sitting in...

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