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Banish the bots

Staff Editorial, Reporters May 16, 2023

Forgot to read a chapter of the book your teacher assigned? Decided to skip the entire book? SparkNotes is there for you. Have you decided to rely on Photomath to get you through algebra? No harm, no foul....

End the campus divide

Staff Editorial, Reporters May 16, 2023

The separation of LT between NC and SC goes beyond the physical distance of school buildings, but extends socially as well. Rather than feeling like one united student community, it feels more divided...

PCP: Is college worth it?

Mckinley Huffman and Olivia Grefenstette May 16, 2023

An investment in the future by Mckinley Huffman   Everybody hates school. At least, that’s how it feels for many students who struggle through hours of studying, doing homework, and sitting...

Your doom: the news gloom

Maddie Gee, News Editor, Multimedia Editor May 16, 2023

From a mass shooting in Nashville to the number of civilian lives lost in the Russia-Ukraine war and on, you can’t help but to read more. Somehow, instead of doing anything else, you’ve found yourself...

Amazon? More like Scamazon

Jeanne Mardegan, News Editor, Web Editor May 16, 2023

A couple of times a year, I take a trip to Michigan to spend some time with my family friends who live there. On my last trip, I spent loads of time talking about books with my friend Amy, as she had gotten...

Close the chromebooks

Close the chromebooks

Elin O'Brien, Reporter May 15, 2023

Every day, LT students bring their clunky, heavy school-issued Chromebooks to school.  Throughout the day, teachers ask students to take out their Chromebooks for notes, presentations, and other school-related...

Chicago’s Millennium Park offers a unique destination for students this spring (Huffman/LION).

Bored over break?

Mckinley Huffman, Reporter March 23, 2023

For most students, spring break is the only thing getting them through the past few weeks of homework, tests, and stress–the coveted days off before the rush of the end of the year. But once school gets...

Financing the future: the $55 million debate

Staff Editorial, Reporter March 22, 2023

Throughout January and February of this school year, there were debates on whether or not to sell a 70-acre plot of land that LT currently owns between 79th Street and German Church Road, west of Willow...

Preserving prom

Staff Editorial, Reporter March 22, 2023

When prom season rolls around, the excitement among students is almost tangible. All anyone can talk about is dresses, hair, makeup, corsages, and dates. Everything over the past four years has led to...

PCP: Is the Met Gala outdated?

Elin O'Brien, Reporter March 22, 2023

Gotta keep the Gala by Jaclyn Cummings Every year without fail, I find myself glued to E! when the first Monday of May rolls around, cradling a bowl of popcorn as my mom and I take on the role of fashion...

Necessity over greed; a gendered war on self-defense

Aero Gartner, Reporter March 22, 2023

Say no. Arms up. Shoulders back. Stay alert. Share your location. Meet with him in public. Run. Run faster. Still not fast enough, three more laps. Scream. Scream louder. No one would hear...

Alone, not lonely

Nina Ivancevic, Reporter March 22, 2023

Feeling alone and being alone may sound similar, but they are completely different. For some, this concept may seem unimportant or just something to ignore, but I feel like it is crucial for people to...

No more thoughts and prayers

Evelyn Kowalski, Editor in chief March 22, 2023

It’s that time of the month again. I’m talking about when you check your phone and see that your mom texted you an article with the news that there was yet another mass shooting in America.  Your...

Column: Dancers without answers

Lillian Davis, Reporter March 21, 2023

A seven hour school day, seven classes, one to three hours of dance, and a 25-minute study hall to get homework done?  Junior and senior year are no doubt more difficult and time consuming than freshman...

More bus, less fuss

Staff Editorial February 15, 2023

When one thinks of the classic schooling experience, a couple of tropes come to mind: apples on teachers’ desks, awkward social interactions, and of course, field trips. LT has all of the above but why...

Back to block

Staff Editorial February 15, 2023

Our position: Having a block schedule is more beneficial to students. Everyone has been there: doing homework from 6 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. Before students know it, it’s the next day and they have to...

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