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Five volunteer opportunities this holiday season

Kate Ferrell, Assistant Web Editor

December 10, 2019

Secret Santa  Do any of your teachers participate in Secret Santa? Organized by the Lagrange Rotary Club, Help children in need this holiday season by donating money with a group of friends, or class and adopt a child. Secret Santa helps children 0-17 years of age all around the area. The Rotary club w...

Fry Guys Reviews and Adventures

Tommy Layden, Quinn Riordan, and Lizzie Patel

December 9, 2019

We set out to give readers and viewers idea where to get the best fries based on a few different criteria. They are as follows: flavor/saltiness, bang for your buck, crispiness, warmth, overall taste, and aesthetic.  Each of these criteria are judged on a scale of 1 to 5 points, as well as an overal...

Fire extinguisher leaves student with stitches

Isabel Blackstone, Freelance writer

December 6, 2019

Minutes before the morning bell rang last Friday, Charlotte Tibbs 22’ was having a typical day at LT, until her left cheek was gashed open due to a fallen fire extinguisher. Another student had accidentally bumped the crosshall extinguisher with their backpack, causing it to detach from the wall and...

NHI to host Noche Navideña event

Lillie George, Reporter

December 4, 2019

Each year, LT’s National Hispanic Institute (NHI) hosts the annual Noche Navideña event at the Corral in order to celebrate their vibrant, Latin American culture and take part in a festive holiday activity on Dec. 6 at 6:30-8 p.m.. “Noche Navideña is a beautiful celebration of Latin American ...

Explore LT’s first international festival

Explore LT’s first international festival

Paige Darling, Assistant Multimedia Editor

November 20, 2019

Click here to experience visuals from LT's first festival displaying students from its various fine arts clubs.

Four Guys and Pie, episode 1

Four Guys and Pie, episode 1

Nina Shearrill, Multimedia

November 20, 2019

Four LION staffers discuss the ups and downs of 2019, over pie. From Sudan, the college admissions scandal to abortion, these four friends talk about it all.

Aviation class hosts pilots

Aviation class hosts pilots

Quinn Riordan, Reporter and photographer

November 20, 2019

Mike Brewer - USAF, Thunderbirds Mike Mikenas - Southwest Airlines   Former LT students Mike Brewer ‘01, a member of the Air Force and pilot for the Thunderbirds, and Mike Mikenas ‘01, a pilot for Southwest Airlines, visited the Principles of Aeronautical Studies class at NC on Nov...

LT diving takes on conference

Rory Quealy, Freelance writer

November 19, 2019

Minutes before the conference meet on Nov. 1, the LT girls diving team continued its tradition of cheering, “A whole lotta this and a whole lotta that” followed by “one, two, three chumps” on the York pool deck to shake any nerves. It was the last team huddle of the regular season.  “I w...

Questionable water

Maddie Gee, Freelance writer

November 18, 2019

Grace Padilla ‘23 feels sick when she drinks the South Campus school water. The foggy appearance and metallic taste make an unpleasant taste in her mouth, steering her clear from the fountains. People forget to ask how safe our water is, Padilla said. Everyone looks for fresh, clean, and unprocessed...

Sophomore A soccer team stays undefeated after two season

Ella Mahaney, Freelance writer

November 18, 2019

The boys who stepped onto the North Campus soccer field in August 2018 for freshman tryouts didn’t know who their teamates would be. They just wanted to play soccer. It was a ragtag group of boys from different middle schools and club teams. They never would have guessed that their team would go undefe...

Special needs LT actors host ‘Wizard of Oz’

Brianna Fonseca, Reporter

November 15, 2019

Every year, the LT’s adult and community program gives a chance to adults with special needs the ability to participate in an acting opportunity that they spend most of the year preparing.  They are expected to host their annual play yet again, this year being the “Wizard of Oz.” “Throughout high...

LT proposes new club

Scarlett Lestina, Freelance Writter

November 7, 2019

As seniors at Lyons Township, Bella Dziak ‘20 and Greta Molek ‘20 are in the process of creating a proposal for a new club based on the environment. With a passion to lessen their carbon footprint, they hope to lessen LT’s footprint as well. “Learning about the issues going on in the world ma...

Stipend committee denies club proposal

Sophia Schultz, Reporter

November 1, 2019

In search of taking on leadership positions, Winnie Nevis ‘21 and Lillie George ‘21 decided to start a club that would include making friendship bracelets but also serve as a safe place for people to have the opportunity to open up about anything that they would want to. “[Lillie] got inspi...

Worthy Women Launch

Worthy Women Launch

Morgan Fry, Freelance Writter

November 1, 2019

Beginning her junior year as an LT student, Tatiana Thomas ‘21 knew she wanted to make a difference. Inspired by her latest read, “Girl Made of Stars”, Thomas sparked an idea. She wanted to show girls at LT that they are worthy of love and success. In an effort to carry out her aspirations, Tho...

Artist of the Month: October

Paige Darling, Assistant Multimedia Editor

October 31, 2019

In order to highlight LT’s own artistic community, LION has decided to choose a creator every month, one who works in various forms in the art world. We hope to showcase traditional art mediums, like drawings and paintings, along with more modern forms such as photography, short films, music and po...

Halloween classics recommended by LION for you!

Nina Shearrill, Multimedia Editor

October 31, 2019

Whether it is Halloween night, or any other night of the year, Halloween films can add fun and fear to your night. If you don't know what to watch, look no further! We have done half the job for you; just watch this video for some great movie recommendations and pick your poison.

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