The voice of Lyons Township students for more than 100 years

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The voice of Lyons Township students for more than 100 years

LION Newspaper

The voice of Lyons Township students for more than 100 years

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Senior Assassin thrives, annual tradition carries on

Over half of the senior class participates

On Feb. 21, 487 members of the LT senior class were assigned a target and the first round of Senior Assassin began. The game consists of an undetermined number of rounds, which is completely dependent on how long it takes for everyone to be eliminated. 

Every participant is assigned a target and has the length of one round to shoot their target with a water gun, or else they will be eliminated. Each round is two weeks long. Once a “kill” occurs, the person who made the “kill” is reassigned to the target of the person they just eliminated. 

The game is not associated with LT and is played outside of school grounds. The yearly senior tradition has thrived for over 11 years, and this year, Peter Smith ‘24, Joey Severson ‘24, and Mark DeMonte ’24 organized the game and declared the game rules. The “immunity item” for the first round was a neck tie, and the item will change as the rounds progress. 

“The idea behind each immunity item is to be something accessible while also not exactly fun to wear all the time, so people will take it off and get eliminated,” Smith said. 

The target assignments are completely random, and the target must be eliminated before the round ends in order to advance to the next round, Severson said. 

“The game will continue until there is only one person standing, so the number of rounds is truly unpredictable,” Severson said. 

“Kills” are forbidden at school or school events, during religious activities, while operating a vehicle, at the workplace of other students, and in the home of another student, unless granted permission from an immediate member of the household, Smith said. 

We have a lot of exciting surprises coming for each round, including other means of eliminating players, so I’m really looking forward to revealing those surprises when the time comes throughout the rounds,” Smith said. 

The first of the surprises came on the evening of Feb. 29, where “after dark” rules were implemented and neck ties no longer worked as a form of immunity from sunset (5:41 p.m.) on Feb. 29 to sunrise (6:25 a.m.) on March 1.   

Players can stay updated by actively checking the Instagram account, which is where all the “kills” are posted and proved by pictures and videos. Any rule changes and updates are also posted on the Instagram account (@lths_assassin2024). 

On March 4, assistant principal Kelly Dostal sent out a grade-wide email to the entire senior class as well as their respective parents/guardians. The email stated that “look a likes” of any weapon that is defined within the “Safe School Environment/Weapons” section of the student handbook is prohibited on campus, and any student found with a water gun on school grounds “will be subject to disciplinary consequences.” 

The email also noted “Any student(s) involved in planning, initiating, or participating in behavior which causes a gross disruption of our learning environment, school routine, or building security will result in disciplinary consequences that can impact good standing status for your post-secondary plans and possible police contact… Seniors that engage in such negative behavior may be removed from end-of-the-year privileges such as participation in prom and/or commencement and/or any additional celebration/recognition events for the Class of 2024.” 

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