Don Misael Tamales offers fresh food, opens in Lyons

Authentic Mexican food now offered for dining in, to-go


Interior of Don Misael Tamales restaurant in Lyons after opening in March (Hepokoski/LION).

Macy Hepokoski, In-Depth Editor

Don Misael Tamales opened this past March in Lyons and offers a range of authentic Mexican food, including a lunch, dinner, and breakfast menu. 

Upon visiting in April, I was greeted by a fairly empty restaurant and friendly service. I placed my order at the counter and then was able to wait at one of the many tables for the food to be ready. Customers can order a single tamale, six or 12 tamales.  I went with the half order of the Tamales Puerco en Salsa Verde  ($11.99). I also got the Castillos de Puerco en Salsa Verde ($12.99) for my entrée. Other options for tamales include chicken, sliced poblano peppers (rajas) with cheese and a tamale with beans and cheese. They also offer soups, hot and cold beverages, burritos, tacos and more.

The food only took about 10 minutes to be made, which was super fast, considering it was completely homemade. One of my favorite parts about Don Misael Tamales is how you can watch your food cook in the open kitchen, confirming how fresh the food was and making you hungry from the aromas.  

The tamales were extremely filling and tasted great, with just the right amount of pork and green salsa. The pork ribs were covered in green salsa as well, giving them extreme amounts of flavor, which I really enjoyed. I also got three tortillas that were included in the meal. They were warm, fresh, and honestly the best tortillas I’ve ever had. 

The dish was served with sauce on top of the pork ribs, which made it difficult to distinguish which pieces of meat would have a bone or not. However, the flavor and quantity of the meal completely made up for it. There were at least 10 pork ribs, all an average two-bite size, and the meal also came with beans and rice.  

The interior of the restaurant is designed beautifully, with a coffee stand in the corner, a big window to take orders, and a few tables for customers to use to enjoy their meals. There are photos and signs all around the restaurant, making it welcoming and a great place to eat with friends, family, or even alone.  

All in all, Don Misael Tamales offers amazing food, service, and environment. They offer dine-in and to-go options, all while providing flavorful and fresh food. I’d recommend going for breakfast (one of their breakfast options being huevos rancheros) or lunch, considering their afternoon hours end fairly early depending on the day.  

Don Misael Tamales is located at 8606 Ogden Ave., Lyons. It is open Monday-Friday from 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday-Sunday from 5 a.m. to 3 p.m.


4.5/5 paws