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Equity at LTHS: Episode 1

Equity at LTHS: Episode 1

Abe Morales and Janessa Mosqueda February 3, 2022

Equity at LTHS: Episode 1

Tryfecta Nugget Review

Tryfecta Nugget Review

Tommy Layden, Quinn Riordan, and Lizzie Patel February 24, 2020 Restaurants reviewed in order of favorite to least favorite: Popeye's Chick-fil-a Wendy's McDonald's White...

Four Guys and Pie, episode 3: Everything Debatable

Nina Shearrill, Multimedia Editor January 27, 2020

Four LION staffers battle head to head over cats v.s. dogs, the inclusivity of feminism, and "Where's Waldo" as host Nina Shearrill and guest judge Bill Wesley decide the fate of the teams. Watch this...

Four Guys and Pie, episode 2: Everything College

Nina Shearrill, Multimedia Editor December 12, 2019

Guests Paige Darling, John Hepp and Alfonso Fernandez are back to discuss everything college. Along with special guest Lianne Musser of the LT College and Career Center, these four discuss common questions...

Tryfecta, episode 1: Fry Guys

Tommy Layden, Quinn Riordan, and Lizzie Patel December 9, 2019

We set out to give readers and viewers idea where to get the best fries based on a few different criteria. They are as follows: flavor/saltiness, bang for your buck, crispiness, warmth, overall taste,...

Four Guys and Pie, episode 1: Everything News from 2019

Nina Shearrill, Multimedia November 20, 2019

Four LION staffers discuss the ups and downs of 2019, over pie. From Sudan, the college admissions scandal to abortion, these four friends talk about it all.

Halloween classics recommended by LION for you!

Nina Shearrill, Multimedia Editor October 31, 2019

Whether it is Halloween night, or any other night of the year, Halloween films can add fun and fear to your night. If you don't know what to watch, look no further! We have done half the job for you; just...

Behind the scenes of So__You’ll__:XI

Nina Shearrill, Multimedia September 20, 2019

Enjoy this video that gives you a little glimpse of what it is like in an improv rehearsal with all the funny moments included.

Hinsdale Central Pool thrown into uncertainty (video)

Lars Lonnroth, Managing Editor of Breaking News and Multimedia Content December 11, 2018

Hinsdale Central and Hinsdale South High Schools are in a sticky situation after a referendum seeking millions of dollars in funding for infrastructural improvements failed. Now, the schools may be forced...

It’s Coffee Time!!!! (video review)

Camilla Breen, Pilar Valdes, and Georgia Dougherty December 6, 2018

Where's the best place to get your caffeine fix? LION staffers Pulse co-editors Camilla Breen '19 and Georgia Dougherty '19 and Art Director Pilar Valdes '19 seek out the answer for you. Do you...

Socialism: Point/Counter-Point (article/video)

Socialism: Point/Counter-Point (article/video)

Pilar Valdes and Greg Smith September 20, 2018

It is the first issue of The LION Newspaper. That means it is also the first Point/Counterpoint, too. Facing off on the topic of Socialism, Managing Editor Greg Smith and Art Director Pilar Valdes tackle...

Why march?

Juliana Halpin, Managing editor of online content/social media content January 27, 2017

On Jan. 21, over one million men and women participated in the women’s marches across the nation. While there was an outpour of support there was also and overwhelming amount of hate aimed at “rabid...

News Update: Election Special

Thomas Atseff, Opinions Editor November 1, 2016

Watch the special election episode of LTTV's News Update!

News Update: September

News Update: September

Thomas Atseff, Opinions Editor September 22, 2016

Watch the September episode of "News Update," from Thomas Atseff and Fred Moody.

News Update: May 19

Thomas Atseff, Assistant Online Editor May 20, 2016

Here is Episode 2 of "News Update," a sketch-comedy show in the style of SNL's Weekend Update, starring Thomas Atseff and Fred Moody

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