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No more thoughts and prayers

Evelyn Kowalski, Editor in chief March 22, 2023

It’s that time of the month again. I’m talking about when you check your phone and see that your mom texted you an article with the news that there was yet another mass shooting in America.  Your...

Closest Closet thrift store reduces fashion waste

Maddie Gee and Kathryn Lazich March 22, 2023

Located in downtown La Grange, the new second hand clothing store, Closest Closet, aims to create a more sustainable method of shopping through a cycle of buying and donating clothes.  Unlike regular...

Interior dining room of La Grange Breakfast Cafe located on 24 W Burlington Ave, La Grange, IL (Anderson/LION).

LaGrange Breakfast Cafe opens for business

Cooper Anderson, In-depth editor March 22, 2023

There is nothing better than going out for breakfast on a Sunday morning. As a breakfast food connoisseur, I knew I had to check out the brand new La Grange Breakfast Cafe, replacing the beloved and classic...

Poster made by SAVE Promise Club to promote Say Something Week. Raises awareness for student safety (Pohl/LION)

SAVE Promise Club aims to prevent violence in schools

Reagan Pohl, Reporter March 22, 2023

On Dec. 14, 2012, a disturbed gunman stormed into Sandy Hook Elementary School located in Newtown, Conn., armed with an AR-15 assault rifle and two semi-automatic pistols. In less than five minutes, 154...

Adaptive PE Leaders course implemented

Myrna Cross, InDepth Editor March 20, 2023

A new gym class, the Adaptive PE Leaders course, is being implemented in the 2023-2024 school year. The goal of the course is to give opportunities to “LIFE” physical education classes, which stands...

Promotional poster for season 3 of Outer Banks (photo courtesy of Netflix).

Are you a Pogue 4 life?

Nina Ivancevic, Reporter March 8, 2023

The time has finally come, season three of “Outer Banks” has been released on Netflix. The show has been very popular over the last few years. Many people binged it during COVID-19 due to the fact...

Stephen Sanchez dances on stage on Feb. 25 at a sold-out concert at Lincoln Hall (Mardegan/LION).

Stephen Sanchez: Live

Jeanne Mardegan, News Editor, Web Editor March 7, 2023

Two men run past the line outside Lincoln Hall as the security guard checks out my bag before letting me in the venue. My body goes numb as I realize one of the men is none other than Stephen Sanchez,...

Harry Styles singing song Keep Driving and dancing on stage at the Kia Forum on Jan. 27 (Ivancevic/LION).

‘The Love on Tour’ concert review

Nina Ivancevic, Reporter February 17, 2023

The feeling of finally walking into the pit of the KIA Forum made the torture of waking up at 4 a.m. to wait in line for five plus hours suddenly not feel like torture anymore, and all that was left was...

Bones N’ Chefs serves up halal barbecue

Aero Gartner, Reporter February 15, 2023

Finding quality cuisine in the foodservice industry for people who follow Islamic teachings is no easy task. If you are someone who practices a halal diet, most modern establishments are out of the question.  However,...

Entryway into main dining room from patio dining area at VIOLÍ, open doors connecting patio to dining room on Jan. 15 (Davis/LION).

‘VIOLÍ’ introduced to Oakbrook Mall

Lillian Davis, Reporter February 15, 2023

I don’t often eat Greek food, so I was a little hesitant to try out VIOLÍ, a new Greek restaurant at the Oakbrook mall that recently opened this past November. However, I was pleasantly surprised by...

Art students enter into scholastic art competition for judging

Myrna Cross, In-Depth Editor February 15, 2023

For the past several years, LT art students have been submitting their creative pieces to the Scholastic Art and Writing competition, the largest and longest running national competition for high school...

Kat Farley 23 holds up an original graphic design (left) and one of her Gold Key winning pieces (Kowalski/LION).

Student artist wins awards, advances artistic career

Evelyn Kowalski, Editor-in-Chief February 15, 2023

Since she could hold a crayon, Kat Farley ‘23 has been expressing her artistic abilities in a multitude of ways, her mom Mim Farley said. Whether it was from painting on easels from the age of 2, starting...

Avatar: The Way of Water (2022) film poster (photo courtesy of Disney Movies)

“Avatar: The Way of Water” review

Myrna Cross and Nina Ivancevic January 20, 2023

Seeing an entire new side of the franchise by Myrna Cross Thirteen years after the original “Avatar” came out, director James Cameron released the second film in the series in December 2022....

Florence Pugh and Olivia Wilde in their roles for Dont Worry Darling (photo courtesy of NME)

‘Don’t Worry Darling’ review

Sadie Ruppert, Reporter December 20, 2022

Being only the second movie directed by Olivia Wilde, “Don’t Worry Darling” received very mixed reviews and critiques from the media. The film is a thrilling mystery, which follows Florence Pugh,...

 Decorative display inside cafe area featuring a hand-painted mural (Ludden/LION).

Daboba opens U.S. location in Oakbrook Terrace

Julia Ludden, Reporter December 14, 2022

Daboba, a worldwide chain originating in Malaysia, opened its 14th restaurant in the U.S. this past October in the Oak Brook Terrace. They specialize in bubble tea, or more commonly referred to as boba,...

Actors Lettia Wright, Lupita Nyongo, and Tenoch Huerta in an advertisment of Black Panther (photo courtesy of koimoi.com0.

Marvel fans praise ‘Wakanda Forever’

Maddie Gee, News Editor, Multimedia Editor December 14, 2022

Since the tragic death of “Black Panther” star Chadwick Boseman in 2020, much has changed since the first airing of Black Panther in February of 2018. Post-pandemic times–as well as new additions...

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