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‘1989: Taylor’s Version’ review

‘1989: Taylor’s Version’ review

Sadie Ruppert, In-depth editor November 16, 2023

An album that defined 2010s’ pop, and was nominated for 10 Grammys was recently revamped, refreshed, and re-released. On Oct. 27, the re-recording of Taylor Swift’s “1989” album was released. It...

Eras Concert enters the theaters

Eras Concert enters the theaters

Maddie Walsh and Ava Hepokoski November 8, 2023

The movie “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour '' has been long awaited by fans since being announced in August of this year. The film was created to give people a chance to rewatch the concert, or experience...

Poster for ‘Saw X’, movie debuted Sept. 2023 (photo courtesy of Fandango).

‘Saw X’ movie continues shocking legacy

Ray Klaczynski, Reporter October 31, 2023

The “Saw” series is back again with the recent “Saw X” released on Sept. 29, promising fans what they have come to expect from the franchise: a bloody game of life and death with surprising twists...

A former wuss’s advice

Catherine Crousore, Art Director October 31, 2023

Being an avid horror movie viewer, I look forward to dragging my jumpy friends to the theaters to watch my favorite slashers on the big screen. Sometimes, though, I think back to the days when I was the...

Interior design, layout, and seating in Lotus Banh Mi (Ludden/LION).

Lotus Banh Mi, Vietnamese Kitchen

Julia Ludden, In-Depth Editor October 31, 2023

When searching for good Vietnamese food, a few simple factors can guarantee that your meal is satisfactory. I find that if done correctly, the best Vietnamese cuisine is always based on fresh ingredients,...

Spooky city

Sadie Ruppert, In-depth editor October 31, 2023

Halloween is a holiday dedicated to the spooky, the creepy, and the unexplained. It is a day best spent telling ghost stories… and every town has their own. The following are some spooky haunted stories...

UpBeet Life opens location in La Grange

Sadie Ruppert, In-depth editor September 28, 2023

No matter the weather, I have always been a big fan of a cold treat, whether that be ice cream, popsicles, or even smoothies. This is why I was very excited to hear that a new smoothie bowl shop called...

Swanson’s Deli offers fresh, new option in LaGrange

Ava Hepokoski, Reporter September 28, 2023

I recently ate lunch at Swanson’s Deli, a new sandwich shop in downtown La Grange. I saw this restaurant on Tiktok and it was very intriguing. This location opened in May of 2023, but the original location...

PCP: Is Lollapalooza overhyped?

Julia Ludden and Sadie Ruppert September 28, 2023

Lolla is lacking by Sadie Ruppert   For one weekend every summer, Lollapalooza music festival (commonly referred to as Lolla) pretty much takes over the city of Chicago. The festival is full...

View from Annaliese Dorchinecz 24 seats at Johann Crujiff Arena (Photo courtesy of Dorchinecz).

Student attends Harry Styles concert abroad

Maddie Walsh, Reporter September 28, 2023

In early June, Annaliese Dorchinecz ‘24 flew to Amsterdam with her family. The original purpose of this journey abroad was to make a vacation out of her father’s business trip. When Dorchinecz and...

Murals outside of Nellie’s depicting Purto Rician culture emblematic of the Humboldt Park neighborhood (Photo courtesy of Marin Yates)

Breakfast at Nellie’s Review

Marin Yates, Freelance reporter May 29, 2023

Imagine opening the door and being thrown into the sweet and spicy smells created from Puerto Rican and American breakfast cuisine. Nellie’s Restaurant is just the place you need to experience the mix...

Interior wall decor of CFS Coffee (Burke/LION).

CFS Coffee preserves Colombian history

Molly Burke, Sports Editor May 17, 2023

CFS Coffee Shop introduced its seventh location in Oak Brook this past January, becoming the first location outside of Florida. The new coffee and breakfast/lunch spot located on York Road aims to preserve...

PCP: The Age of Screenagers

Cooper Anderson and Lillian Davis May 17, 2023

The social media curse by Cooper Anderson   I am one of the unlucky people in the world who does not remember a time without social media. Being born in 2005, just two short years before the...

The Age of Screenagers: Q&A with JT

Myrna Cross, InDepth Editor May 17, 2023

Is this your first job as a principal? Did you know going into this job that you wanted to make LT’s community heavily involved with social media?  I was a principal at Carl Sandburg High in Orland...

No more thoughts and prayers

Evelyn Kowalski, Editor in chief March 22, 2023

It’s that time of the month again. I’m talking about when you check your phone and see that your mom texted you an article with the news that there was yet another mass shooting in America.  Your...

Closest Closet thrift store reduces fashion waste

Maddie Gee and Kathryn Lazich March 22, 2023

Located in downtown La Grange, the new second hand clothing store, Closest Closet, aims to create a more sustainable method of shopping through a cycle of buying and donating clothes.  Unlike regular...

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