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2017-2018 Staff

Camilla Breen

Assistant Photo Editor

Yo I take photos /Yuh /I got the best flows /Yuh /And I aint LION /Yuh (Skrrt skkrt) [Pilar says this] /We on staff, flyin! /YUH! -CammieB Raps ft. P Valdizzy (Assistant Pulse Pilar Valdes) Beats by Har P...

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Grant Campbell

News Editor

To whomever it concerns: You may know me as the News Editor for the LION.  To be honest, I consider myself a duo editor.  If you look on this website, you may see a lot of sports articles that me and Lusson write.  Now,...

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Hayden Claesson


I am the only cat person on staff. Send help, or kittens.

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Mary Devine


My name is Mary Devine and I am one of a kind:) I like to take pictures and always am ready to write, report, laugh, and live. I bring positivity and hard work to the publications, and I hope you enjoy some of that work! Stay...

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Georgia Dougherty

Business Manager

Business Manager

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Sarah Grier

Pulse Editor

Not affiliated with Nash/Hayes Grier.

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Lindsey Hauch

Pulse Editor

Pulse co-editor

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Sydney Kaehler

Opinions Editor

Hi, I’m Sydney! I’m the Opinions Editor and Editorial Cartoonist. A little bit about me: I lost my middle school election, I got 1,000 loops on Vine a few times, I pet every dog I see and I know every single word to “Gangsta’s...

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Spiro Kass


Hi my name is Spiro (pronounced sp-ee-ro, NOT sp-y-ro), and I am the Editor-in-chief of the LION Newspaper. I’m extremely glad to have an amazing staff to work with, and I hope our readers appreciate our work as much as we do....

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Mikaela Larson

Sports Editor

My name is Mikaela Larson and my passions include The Office, dogs, feminism, and of course: sports. Along with LION, I am the Marketing Director at WLTL and play soccer and ice hockey.  I still do not know where I’m going...

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Lars Lonnroth

Assistant News Editor

Assistant News Editor

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Luke Lusson

Sports Editor

Sports co-editor

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Greta Markey

Managing Editor

Managing Editor

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Mary Okkema

Assistant Online Editor

Assistant editor of online content/social media content

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Taylor Schmitt


Hi! My name is Taylor Schmitt and I am a reporter for the LION Newspaper. In addition to writing for the LION, I am the Co-Head of the Props Department for LT's Theatre Board. I also like to perform. I am most commonly typecast...

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Brandt Siegfried

Online Editor

I am the humble keeper of this online establishment. Please adhere to Rules of Civility and Decent Behaviour In Company and Conversation by George Washington while using our site.

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Greg Smith

Assistant Opinions Editor

Assistant Opinions Editor

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Isabel Tuisl


hi my name is trey and i got a basketball game tomorrow.

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Pilar Valdes

Assistant Pulse Editor

If Taylor Swift is reading this: hey I love you girl what’s up. Everyone else: you’re cool too I guess. My mom told me that would look bad if a college admissions officer read that, so if a college admissions officer is reading...

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