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Football faces changes due to COVID-19, new staff

Team remains socially distant at practice. (Connor McClanathan ‘21)

Lizzie Patel, Sports Editor

October 20, 2020

On Oct. 18 of 2019 when the LT boys varsity football team was pulling out a must-win game at Downers Grove North’s home stadium, they could not have imagined how different their next season would look. Players feel very different now when they look back and remember the packed stands going crazy a...

IHSA meets to discuss future seasons

Max Dike, Sports Editor

October 20, 2020

The Illinois High School Association (IHSA) Board of Directors held a virtual meeting on Sept. 14 to discuss a number of issues pertaining to the winter, spring and summer sports seasons. Most prominent among these issues were the decisions made to lift the two-contest per week limit on events betwee...

Opinion: LT should implement a testing program before going to hybrid school

Above is a COVID-19 test and mask

October 19, 2020

Position Statement: LT should implement a testing program before going to hybrid school to keep all students and faculty safe.  As numbers of COVID-19 cases rise in Illinois to those higher than when we were in a state-wide shutdown in March, we are being told it is safe to go back to school. To retu...

LT to begin hybrid model

LT hybrid weekly schedule

Abraham Morales, Reporter

October 19, 2020

After many weeks of remote learning, LT has finalized its hybrid learning model and welcomed students and faculty members back to school on Oct. 19. The hybrid learning model provides students with the opportunity to choose whether they want to go back to in-person or stay fully remote.  LT is o...

Barbeque restaurant opens in midst of pandemic

Charlotte McLaughlin, Art Director

October 16, 2020

Barbeque restaurants have never been my first choice when picking somewhere to go out and eat. I usually find it messy and uncomfortable eating those types of foods in public. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I visited Beach Avenue BBQ. Beach Avenue BBQ recently opened a couple of mont...

Tryfecta Pumpkin Review

Tryfecta Pumpkin Review

Quinn Riordan and Lizzie Patel

October 16, 2020

Editorial: Ugly truth of online learning

October 14, 2020

Position statement:  The current e-learning schedule for LT students is detrimental to their physical and mental well-being and presents an increased pressure on students to teach themselves material that is not as well explained as it would be during in-person teaching.  Due to the COVID-19 pan...

The Elm restaurant review

“George’s Bank Swordfish” from The Elm

Morgan Fry, Reporter

October 14, 2020

Sleek black paneled windows encompass shades of grey, white and orange toned decor. A spacious dining room surrounds the open kitchen filled with staff busy preparing dishes. Industrial modern railings hold the grand staircase leading up to rooftop dining that looks out on the heart of LaGrange. All o...

NHS has virtual induction ceremony

NHS has virtual induction ceremony

Ella Mahaney, Reporter

October 14, 2020

In light of COVID-19, the National Honor Society (NHS) induction ceremony was held virtually via a video that could be found on its LT club page. On Sept. 23, NHS welcomed over 320 inductees this year, co-sponsor Danny Berg said. The main focus of NHS is to recognize and further its four pillars: ...

Opinion- Black lives matter today, tomorrow, always

Photo taken by Conor Cahill ‘21

Paige Darling, Multimedia Editor

October 8, 2020

For some reason the George Floyd killing felt and hurt differently for me and so many others. The pain of these events reverberated within so many people in this country and across the world. The world saw before their eyes a white cop show plain disregard for a Black man's life. We heard a grown man cry...

Student speaks out against racial injustice in Western Springs

Student speaks out against racial injustice in Western Springs

Adriana Serrano

October 7, 2020

On the afternoon of June 3, the streets of Downtown LaGrange were lined with protestors and those in support of the “Black Lives Matter” movement; many were holding signs and were eager to bring awareness to social injustices against Black Americans. Speakers shared their stories, held a moment of...

COVID-19 disrupts college recruitment

Robert Sullivan, Sports Editor

October 7, 2020

Since beginning her competitive basketball career in third grade, Lindsay Hahn ‘21 has always sought to compete at the next level, she said. For a while, that meant playing on varsity; however, that goal quickly changed after making the squad her freshman year.  She has since spent the past few year...

Editorial: IHSA’s unfair treatment

October 5, 2020

Our Position: The IHSA’s decision to delay the spring sport season until summer is unfair towards the spring sport athletes that will be forced to choose between their high school and club sport season.  Due to COVID-19, the fall and winter high school sports have been pushed back to winter an...

Opinion: Keep us safe and remote

Grace Moore

October 5, 2020

Should LT go back to school, or should students stay in their homes and learn on Zoom? In this day and age, both ways of learning have their ups and downs. Many students are losing their mind sitting in their room all day on relatively silent Zoom calls. At least they can lose their mind in their ro...

Opinion: Let us in

Macy Hepokoski

October 5, 2020

In times of uncertainty amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, schools across the country pondered one question: should students be let back into classrooms?  I believe that while safety is the most important concern, LT should have in-person learning.  The original hybrid model presented to students and staff introd...

Former LT student pursues career in animation

Photo of Breana Williams. Photo by Breana Williams

Sophia Schultz

October 5, 2020

In mid-2016, LT alum Breana Williams ‘11 left Chicago for Los Angeles to pursue her dream of working in the animation industry. “When I was younger, I really loved the old Disney films like the old classic ones,” Williams said. “I would always watch Bambi, and once my VHS was done, good old...

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