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Farmer's Skillet followed by the Mexican Skillet and Meat Lover's Omlette (Sullivan/LION).

Original Pancake House boasts long, tasty menu

Robert Sullivan, Sports Editor May 25, 2021

Sizzling bacon strips and a spacious dining room layout created a pleasant first impression as I entered the Original Pancake House. The opening, right off LaGrange road, makes it the third in the suburbs...


Claire Williams May 25, 2021

I’m a winter person. This year, like every year, I wanted the temperature to stay colder a little longer, the snow to melt a little slower. But this year, like every year, it didn’t matter what I wanted...

Ciabatta Margherita included on Pazzo Bene menu

Pazzo Bene opens in LaGrange

New Italian restaurant offers high end dining experience
Ella Mahaney February 23, 2021

When I heard that yet another Italian restaurant would be opening up only a block away from the beloved Lucca’s Pizzeria and Ristorante, it was needless to say that I was a little skeptical. On top of...

Matcha Latte with Almond Milk from Wonderful Matcha on 2/13/2021 (Fry/LION)

Wonderful Matcha store brings tea lover’s paradise to LaGrange

Sells teas, lattes, macarons
Morgan Fry February 23, 2021

With the recently bitter cold days in Chicago, a warm glass of tea hits the spot. Wonderful Matcha in LaGrange is the perfect store to find the best tea flavors and items for tea connoisseurs.  After...

Opinion: Teachers should utilize final projects to evaluate students

December 15, 2020

Our Position: LT should transition into final projects, instead of outdated final exams, in order to sustain their students’ mental health. After months of continuous learning, students have to take...

Above is a COVID-19 test and mask

Opinion: LT should implement a testing program before going to hybrid school

October 19, 2020

Position Statement: LT should implement a testing program before going to hybrid school to keep all students and faculty safe.  As numbers of COVID-19 cases rise in Illinois to those higher than when...

Editorial: Ugly truth of online learning

October 14, 2020

Position statement:  The current e-learning schedule for LT students is detrimental to their physical and mental well-being and presents an increased pressure on students to teach themselves material...

Editorial: IHSA’s unfair treatment

October 5, 2020

Our Position: The IHSA’s decision to delay the spring sport season until summer is unfair towards the spring sport athletes that will be forced to choose between their high school and club sport season.  Due...

Chart showing the demographics of LT teachers.

Opinion: LT needs more diverse hires

September 30, 2020

Our Position: As a part of LT’s continued effort to better the school, it should hire more teachers of color in order to improve inclusivity and education for people of color (POC) and white students.  This...

Vacate the Vapes

February 28, 2020

Our Position: LT needs to take more action to prevent students from vaping in the school bathrooms. It seems that every year vapes and drugs in general become more and more accessible to students. Many...

It’s more than just a word

February 28, 2020

Our position: More students should speak out when they hear other students using derogatory language at school. Throughout the school day, it’s not uncommon to hear people using words in a derogatory...

“The fault in our sex education”

Paige Darling, Assistant Multimedia Editor February 28, 2020

Sex education is a controversial topic because its main subject is taboo. Sex has a never-ending stigma that prohibits us from having productive conversations about it. What the world, especially the U.S.,...

Editorial: A Greener LT

January 31, 2020

Our Position: LT needs to make more of an effort to create an environmentally conscious and sustainable school. It is common knowledge that the Earth isn’t doing too great. She’s being suffocated...

Editorial: Unnecessary and Irrelevant

January 31, 2020

Our Position: LT should abolish unit tests for sports in standard P.E. The way that standard P.E. classes are graded at LT has been taken too far. The heart of this problem lies within the most irrelevant...

Speaker educates LT staff on gender development

Sophia Schultz, Reporter January 31, 2020

Position Statement: The LT administration has made a positive impact on the learning environment at LT by educating the teachers and staff on topics regarding gender identity.   For the purpose...

In their defense

December 6, 2019

Our position: The addition of the self-defense class for next year is a great alternative to the current PE classes. A new self-defense class will be available starting in the 2020-21 school year. While...

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