LT changes for second semester


Screen shows blocked content from school-distributed Chromebooks.

Ryan Whelton, Reporter

Undeniably, it has been a challenge to navigate the post-pandemic world for everyone. As LT begins the second semester of completely in-person classes, the administration has already made adjustments to the learning environment, for better or worse. Some changes have been successful in easing students’ stress levels, while others have created more issues. 

The retake policy has continued to be a focal point of controversy this year, with many for and against the change. The system was introduced last year during virtual learning but has continued to evolve. Summative assessments continue to be the only work counted towards students’ grades; however, the retake policy has been modified to meet the concerns of students who were taking advantage of retakes last semester. 

The new aspect of the retake system only permits students to retake their summative assessments if they complete the majority of assigned formative work before they take the assessment. The issue with the new policy update is that it varies from class to class, which causes confusion for students and feels like a temporary solution. Some teachers say a majority of work means 80% of formative work, while others pick specific assignments to be considered. It’s a step in the right direction to ensure the best system for students to retain information, but formative work should be counted for a grade. There wouldn’t be such a high need for retakes because they would treat all work equally. Students want credit for work they put time and effort into.

Another modification made this semester is the content restricted by the administration on student Chomebooks. Last semester, there were so many unnecessary limitations on sites typically used in the classroom for education purposes. YouTube and Google Images, which were both blocked last semester, have finally been allowed for students to access. It’s reasonable to monitor the activity of students on their devices, but censoring content on the Chromebooks causes a huge annoyance to students and hinders the learning environment. I’ve had multiple classes have to readjust plans due to videos or websites being blocked. 

LT is forming a Strategic Planning Team this semester whose goal will be to shape a better future for the school. All interested students were invited to fill out a brief form before their first meeting on Friday, Jan. 31. Hopefully, student input will steer the administration in the right direction in important decisions for the student body.