Student creates motivational blog in freetime

Senior starts blog over quarantine

Abe Morales, Reporter

Victoria Zieba ‘22 launched her blog,, where she consistently posts content centered around advice, career paths, productivity and self-care. Her main focus is to inspire and uplift anyone who comes across her various social media platforms. 

“Something I always loved to do was make people feel good,” Zieba said. “To make them feel as though they can do whatever they set their mind out to; that doesn’t just have to do with school, work or personal goals. I feel like sometimes people need that cheerleader to let them know that what they’re doing, they will [accomplish].”

Zeiba originally got the idea to start her blog in April and was able to buy her own domain shortly after. She knew she wanted to branch out to other platforms in order to reach more people. Thus, Zieba created a Pinterest and Instagram, @genzbosslady. Her posts on Instagram take inspiration from her blog in order to maintain a similar focus throughout each platform. The first blog post debuted on May 28, 2020. 

“I think the blog keeps her inspired and it’s become her passion,” Zieba’s friend Emma Mayergoyz ‘22 said. “I think at first it started off as a little thing to do to keep her busy and now it’s something that she looks forward to and she’s always thinking and talking about.” 

Zieba’s inspirational and motivational roots were inspired by the isolation and apathetic attitude brought by quarantine. Her mission statement was to cultivate a sense of good feeling by inspiring people to find their true potential and believe in themselves, while also adding a flare of women empowerment. 

“I think that my name, @genzbosslady, applies to both who I am as a woman and a gen-z-er,” Zieba said. “I think that anybody has the ability to grow, and everybody should want to grow as a person, but I do think because I am a woman and because I am Generation-Z, I aim for that to be my target audience.”

Through various posts on her growing platforms, Zieba has been able to encourage and motivate many of her followers.  

“[Her blog] inspired me because, well personally, I have a really big procrastination problem and that portion of the blog was a lot of help,” Mayergoyz said. 

Zieba hopes to continue to expand her platform as an influencer and grow her existing social media accounts into a possible career.  

“As of right now, my mantra has recently become monetizing 2021,” Zieba said. “I never imagined that this is something that I would create into something more serious. I’m looking more on the service side where I would teach other women how to create their own platform and create a social media marketing agency.”