Brownstock Clarification


Former student and current English teacher Frank Alletto and former English teacher Glen Brown play “Here Comes the Sun” by the Beatles in NC room 117 at the first Brownstock in 1992 (photo courtesy of Alletto).

Morgan Fry, Editor in Chief

Dear LT students, staff, parents

and community members,


On Friday, March 18, the LION Newspaper sent the pages of our fifth copy print edition to the printing press with an accurate story about the Brownstock virtual event that was scheduled to take place on March 25. However, on Tuesday, March 22, the LION was informed that the event had been canceled at the last minute. Due to our press time, there was nothing our staff could do to omit the article from the issue. Therefore, the Brownstock story on page two of our March 24 print issue is no longer accurate. LION apologizes for any confusion this may have caused for our readers. 



Morgan Fry 



Please view the news brief below for further clarification and reactions to Brownstock’s cancellation:


On Tuesday, March 22, Ema Bothwell ‘22 opened an email she, along with other Brownstock performers, had received from Brownstock organizer Gary Morrill. Morrill stated in the email that “due to LTTV not being able to livestream… Brownstock has been canceled for this year.” 

Bothwell, and her performance partner, Kalliope Kyriazis ‘22, were frustrated that the pair had been rehearsing for an event that did not end up happening, she said. 

“I’m really upset [that the event got] canceled,” Kyriazis said. 

Bothwell and Kyriazis have been playing together since December at Ashbary Coffee House in Willow Springs, and were looking forward to showcasing their talents at LT, Bothwell said in LION’s print Brownstock article. 

“Once again this is due entirely to the set of unfortunate circumstances,” Morrill said. “I am so sorry for any inconvenience this has caused for [those involved].”

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