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Lucid dreaming

Grace Palmer, Pulse editor

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Dreams provide us with images of our lives or things we have for which we have no explanation. For example, we may have a dream about a hard day at school or possibly a cow flying through the sky with a pig on its back. These dreams, however, often appear blurry and we do not always remember every part of the dream. Because of this, some people want an upgrade from these blurry dreams and turn to lucid dreaming.

According to World of Lucid Dreaming, Lucid dreaming in its definition is any dream during sleep in which you become aware that you’re dreaming. If you are able to achieve lucid dreaming, as it often takes time and a lot of practice, you will (allegedly) be able to explore your dream world with total clarity, fulfill any fantasy and tap into your inner creativity.

There are multiple methods to achieve these rare types of dreams. Some include willing yourself to think about what you want to happen while others include saying the dream out loud and letting the dream present itself. While these steps may seem simple, lucid dreaming does not always come easy to people and can often lead to frustration and quitting. However, if you keep up with it, it is said that you can have consistent lucid dreaming for about an hour at a time.

While a fair amount of people want to try it, there is controversy over the concept even with some scientific research such as a 2009 study by the Neurological Laboratory in Frankfurt that revealed significantly increased brain activity in lucid dreams. Those who oppose lucid dreaming often say that lucid dreaming is not actually when someone is sleeping but rather is in a day-dreaming like state of semi-consciousness. Being able to consciously fly down a mountain and ask your unconscious questions is a great idea in theory, however, this controversy is one of the main reasons lucid dreaming is often questioned and continues to be a subject people know little about.

Source:, psychology today

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The voice of Lyons Township students for more than 100 years
Lucid dreaming