Since the Don of 2017

Sydney Kaehler, Opinions Editor

It has been a little over a year since President Donald Trump took office. Although he may have compiled a solid list of accomplishments (rolling back President Barack Obama’s regulations, impressive judicial appointments, and the successful fight against ISIS), the good is definitely outweighed by the bad. Combine his xenophobic tendencies, insensitivity to victims of both natural disaster and terrorist attacks (accusing London’s first Muslim mayor of being indifferent to terrorism after a terrorist attack), the brash handling of foreign affairs and a Twitter feed that resembles something similar to the Burn Book from the movie “Mean Girls,” and there you have it: Trump’s first year.  

And, yes, his immature political standpoint that is represented through his tweets can make anyone giggle, but the well-being of our country is no joke. In a matter of only a year he’s pulled out of the Paris climate accord (undermining America’s credibility and international cooperation on climate change), decertified the Iran nuclear deal (sending a dangerous message to many countries, especially North Korea), threatened to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem (which would overturn 70 years of international agreement and pretty much signals the end of any effort to achieve peace between Israelis and Palestinians), and has enforced the ever cowardly Muslim ban (temporarily banning people from seven predominantly Muslim nations from entering the United States).

I suppose we aren’t able to call it a ban, since he tweeted this February 1, 2017: “Everybody is arguing whether or not it is a BAN. Call it what you want, it is about keeping bad people (with bad intentions) out of country!” A simple Google search would have told him that since 9/11, white right-wing terrorists have killed almost twice as many Americans in U.S. attacks than radical Islamists have, according to research by the New America Foundation. So, say what you want about his tweets having nothing to do with his presidential ability. And most recently, he has started beef with Kim Jong Un over “missile size.”

The difficulty of this is that we’re supposed to highlight Trump’s first year as president, and not his personality or slip-ups (like throwing paper towel roll to a crowd of Puerto Rican hurricane victims) but the two go and in hand—you cannot talk about one without the other. His arrogance and ignorance bleed into his presidential decisions and cause him to turn a blind eye to issues that require an open perspective. And I know there have been worse presidents—that isn’t the point. This is about Donald Trump. He’s always been the same man, the only things that have changed since him becoming taking office is that now he has the power to make those incompetent decisions, and more people are realizing who the man they voted for actually is.

He is an egotistical, incompetent, xenophobic and obnoxious bully, and his actions during his first year in office have only confirmed that. But all we can do is wait and see what’s in store for his next three- and hopefully not seven- years left in office. That is, if he’s not impeached before then. Until whatever happens next, Trump will continue to distract the people of America with his shambolic governing style while he distracts everyone from critical issues occurring right now.