Acknowledgement overdue

Maddy Cohen, Art Director

The $20 bill is the third most common currency in circulation. The faces and symbols on this bill are intended to represent America; however, Andrew Jackson is currently the face of the $20 bill. His face does not remind us of the amazing history Americans have had, but a dark one that we often try to forget. Harriet Tubman is a female, African American abolitionist who represents everything Jackson does not: she represents the United States.

As one of the most well-known and successful abolitionists in America, Tubman risked her life countless times fighting for racial equality.  Often referred to as “Moses,” Harriet Tubman transported and saved over 300 slaves through the use of the Underground Railroad, an illegal system utilized by abolitionists to move slaves from the South to the North.  Not only did Tubman rescue hundreds of slaves, she herself escaped slavery, twice. The Fugitive Slave Law and the Compromise of 1850, both making her job as a conductor much more dangerous, did not stop her from completing 19 trips on the railroad, liberating slaves. Tubman’s fearlessness and dedication to racial equality deserves recognition and praise.

Once the Civil War started, Tubman further proved her selflessness and commitment to the nation. She worked for the Union as a nurse and cook and subsequently earned a position as a spy and scout. Furthermore, she became the first woman to lead an armed expedition in the war, which resulted in the liberation of over 700 slaves. Again, Tubman fought for racial equality and succeeds.

Tubman was also a champion for women’s rights. Beyond being one of the first female leaders in the Civil War, she also worked alongside Susan B. Anthony in the suffrage movement. She travelled around the country advocating for women’s rights at various conventions and rallies sparking major progress in the suffrage movement.

As a believer in the equality of race and gender, Tubman is a symbol of America. The Declaration of Independence states that all men are created equal, the foundation of America was built on this clause. It is time for us to acknowledge those who fought for equity and freedom. Tubman is the perfect candidate to replace Jackson on the $20 bill, and every American should agree.