Big Band Bash helps foster relationships

Grace Kulat, Photographer/reporter

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On April 6, one could hear the sound of swing music and conversation flowing out of the South Campus Corral as The Big Band Bash took place.

After decades of being called LT’s senior citizen prom, LT’s event is now called the “Big Band Bash”. It has been a way for students to bond with adults of a generation they may not usually have a chance to create relationships with.

“The goal being just to provide an opportunity for our students to interact with seniors, people who are in retirement who are looking to put on their dancing shoes and swing for a couple of hours,” Activities Director Peter Geddeis said.

Student council plans and hosts this event every year. The members sign up to help set up for the event as well as attend the event.

“I’m returning to volunteer for this event because it is such a unique opportunity to help the senior citizens in our community,” NC student council vice president Macy Siegfried ‘20 said.

The event is the only chance for some students to be able to bond with seniors and it can be something beneficial for both age groups.

“The kids are eventually asked to dance and [the seniors] teach our kids how to dance, which is always the highlight of the afternoon,” Geddeis said.

This year Student Council decided to rename the event because of the perceived negative connotation behind its previous name.

“It used to be the Senior Citizens Prom and last year student council felt like that was a little too limiting and carried with it a negative connotation for our target audience,” Geddeis said.

In addition to a new name the event was also moved to the first weekend in April instead of the previous Mother’s Day weekend. Student council changed the date with hopes that the attendance would increase.

After the change in the date, the event had a much higher turnout than it has had in past years and the Corral was packed with about 75 people dancing and having a good time. The Ron Smolen Orchestra performed many classic dance songs while hors d’oeuvre were offered to everyone.

“The music and the environment are both so wonderful,” first-time attendee Joan Czajka said.