SC safe after hard lockdown


Grace DeKoker, Editor-in-Chief

Following the events of Sept. 26, much of the student body is curious, concerned and confused about what occurred at SC that prompted a hard lockdown, as well as why NC then went on lockdown as well. LION has already covered the installation of BluePoint system, and there is speculation that the installation of new BluePoint alarms may have malfunctioned, triggering the announcement that put SC on lockdown.

“What [the administration] figured out was that the BluePoint system was not triggered. For some reason, the PA system did go off, and the SC SRO immediately requested assistance from the Western Springs officers and other village officers,” Associate Principal Kevin Brown said.

SC was swept for one hour, Brown said, and during that time he decided to put NC on a soft lockdown “as a precaution.” The event was not caused by a threat, and the school day was able to return to normal for both schools by fourth period.

“I’m reminded again of how impressive our students are,” Brown said. “[They] do what we ask of them, and do with the best attitude they can. It’s a little bit sad, what you find is students almost understand it, this is the world we live in.”

School security should always be a topic that is discussed, but with the increased instances of gun violence in schools, now more than ever it is more prevalent.

“I think we’re all trying to sort through this new reality [of school violence threats],” Brown said.