New eSports club offers unique opportunity

Claire Williams, Freelance Reporter

In the hopes of introducing student video gamers to the opportunity of gaming

competitively and earning college scholarships, LT has begun offering eSports Club.

The club’s first meeting was on January 30, and it has continued to meet every

Tuesday in room D122 since. At the first meeting, almost 120 students were present, club advisor and automotive and engineering teacher Joshua Nabasny said.

“I’ve definitely been more excited to come to school just so I can come to this

club,” Vice President Grace McGann ‘20 said. “It’s somewhere I can go where I can talk

to people that have a common interest with me. I don’t think I really had an opportunity

like that freshman year.”

The club was introduced in August by Nabasny, and was approved on January


“I played competitive gaming growing up, and I made pretty good money doing

it,” Nabasny said. “It just seemed like a lot of students that play video games don’t know

that they can actually make money doing it.”

There are many different leagues members can compete in to earn money or

scholarships. When members win a match of the High School eSports League, they’re

awarded with points, which can be cashed in for scholarship money at the end of their

high school career. Some Illinois colleges, such as Illinois Wesleyan University, are also

reaching out to the club to recruit players for their college teams.

“I think it would help the parents be a little more understanding of it

since you can get a scholarship out of it,” McGann said. “I know my parents

were pretty excited.”

Due to the technology aspect, competitors will be playing from home, meaning

members can compete against different teams throughout the Midwest region.

“Having that chance to connect [with other students], work together as a team,

and then come out on top against other high schools and make money doing it–it’s

ridiculous,” Nabasny said.

While the club focuses on modern gaming now, including games ranging from

Overwatch to Pokemon, their goal is to add retro gaming and attract more students.