CFS Coffee preserves Colombian history


Interior wall decor of CFS Coffee (Burke/LION).

Molly Burke, Sports Editor

CFS Coffee Shop introduced its seventh location in Oak Brook this past January, becoming the first location outside of Florida. The new coffee and breakfast/lunch spot located on York Road aims to preserve Colombia’s rich history, highlighting all the hard work from Columbian farmers and artisans through delicious drinks, meals, and pastries.   

As a lover of a great new breakfast/lunch spot, I was excited to see what CFS Coffee had to offer. When I first walked in, I was delighted to see the warm environment displayed, with a Columbian influenced setting mixed with a modern cafe. Many of the customers already sitting were either working on laptops by themselves or grabbing a quick bite to eat with their friends, which is what I was doing as well.

While looking at the menu at the order counter, I immediately took notice of all the coffee options they offered, from a traditional black coffee to a lavender rainbow latte. They also had many other various drinks, including iced teas and fruit and power smoothies. I decided to go for my typical Starbucks order, an iced vanilla latte, but was more excited for the rich history behind the drink with a Colombian spin on it.

As a foodie who especially loves breakfast, I was thrilled to see that the breakfast menu is an all-day menu. After careful consideration of all my options, I went with “The Works Omelette” with roasted potatoes as my side. My total for a medium drink and meal came out to be a fair price of $18.98.

Upon sitting down after ordering, my friend and I admired the lively presence around us, but also the privacy we were able to feel. We were served water immediately when we sat down, and our drinks came out quickly. I stirred my coffee around, took a sip, and couldn’t put it down–it was tasty with a good balance of coffee flavor with the vanilla and milk. I drank my latte quickly, but was disappointed to see the food took longer. It was about 20 minutes before it was placed on our table.

My omelet was made with bacon, ham, red onions, red peppers, and cheddar cheese. I love to have a mix of meat and vegetables on my omelets, and this meal exceeded my expectations of my classic order. It was the perfect temperature whereas the meat wasn’t too hot, but the cheese was gooey enough to melt in your mouth. There was a great balance of meat, vegetables, and cheese, and overall one of the better omelets I’ve had. The side of roasted potatoes were nicely flavored and had the perfect crispiness as well. 

I had a bit of a sweet tooth and decided to go back to the counter to order a pastry. I got a chocolate crinkle cookie for $3.25 and went back to my table. Again, I waited a little while for a cookie that I could see right in front of me. The sweet packed a lot of flavor, but I wish that they had warmed it up for the best flavor possible, especially since it was an expensive cookie.

I was very happy with my overall experience from CFS Coffee. I can definitely see myself going back for a study session or to grab some coffee or food with friends. The drinks and food menus provided a variety of options from sweet and savory meals to more on the healthier side ones. I wished my food came out quicker, but I understand why it might have as there were only three workers at the time. CFS Coffee Shop is located on 2050 York Rd., Oak Brook, and open from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday and 8 a.m to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. Online orders are also available for pickup where you can purchase food as well as merchandise.


4.5/5 paws