Lyonspalooza festival returns for second year

2022 Class Board helps seniors celebrate end of year with food, games, fun


Promotional image for this year’s Lyonspalooza, which can be found on the LT webpage (photo courtesy of Peter Geddeis).

Emmerson McLean, Managing Editor

After the senior class of 2021 missed out on two years of normal high school and a typical prom, LT administrators knew they had to create a proper send off for those seniors. They brainstormed Lyonspalooza, an outdoor event including activities like pie your teacher, cup pong, inflatables, food, and more. After seeing the popularity this event had with last year’s students, the class of 2022 Class Board decided to bring it back for this year’s seniors. 

“Lyonspalooza will be the last chance and last hoorah where seniors can just all be together enjoying food trucks, games and stuff like that,” Class Board vice president Ella Arnold ‘22 said. “It’s really so seniors can spend time together before everyone goes off to different colleges.” 

Prior to 2021, LT always planned a “Senior Brunch” to celebrate the seniors, however, COVID-19 prevented most indoor events from being held. Still, LT got creative and created Lyonspalooza, an event that may set the new precedent for years to come. 

 “Last year, when we did Lyonspalooza, the response from the seniors was very positive,” Student Council sponsor Peter Geddeis said. “This year’s seniors were really excited to do it this year for the senior class, since most students weren’t really interested in doing senior brunch anymore.” 

Lyonspalooza was scheduled to be on the field next to the Vaughan building, at NC, on the afternoon of the last official day of school for seniors, May 19. Tickets were sold a couple weeks before the event, allowing students to exempt themselves from their afternoon classes and attend Lyonspalooza instead.

“I think this is a great way to end your senior year and to spend some time together as a class,” Geddeis said. “It’s going to be a perfect weather day, and students don’t have the formality and expectations of prom or of graduation, where you have all of these other commitments.”

This year, the 2022 Class Board has decided to include similar interactive activities from 2021 such as food trucks, carnival games, giant Jenga, bags, relay races, and a DJ, Arnold said. The DJ (RGML Entertainment) at Lyonspalooza will also be playing at prom, allowing students to get excited for the weekend following Lyonspalooza. A portion of food will be included with the purchase of a ticket, and students will also be given the opportunity to buy more from the food trucks if they choose. 

“This is one of the last real events you have with your senior classmates before prom,” Arnold said. “We’re also hoping lots of teachers will participate in Lyonspalooza, so not only are you going to be able to spend time with your classmates, but you’re also going to be able to hangout with your teachers for probably the last time ever.” 

All of the excess proceeds, after funding the event itself, will go towards the savings of the class of 2022 to pay for things like prom or the senior gift, Geddeis said. 

If Lyonspalooza does not gain enough popularity or if there is severe weather, the event will be cancelled and students will be refunded for their tickets. 

“This is one of our last days to be children again,” Student Council president Maia Halm ‘22 said. “From what I heard, last year it was so much fun, and I think it’s great that we get to go play carnival games and dunk our teachers. My last piece of advice is to just go and stop worrying about what others think.”