Lyon Con gaming convention returns to SC Corral

Opportunity to display hobbies return


Shannon Miller ‘23 (left) and Abdiel Gallardo ‘23 (right) prepare to play an RPG on Saturday Feb. 26 (Kowalski/LION).

Evelyn Kowalski, Reporter

On Feb. 26-27, LT held the fourth Lyon Con gaming convention in the SC Corral. The convention lasted from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. both days and offered a variety of activities for community members to partake in. 

There was an array of role playing games (RPGs), vendors, artists, card games and cosplay. General admission was priced at $10 per person, and $5 for fully costumed attendees, or kids eighth grade and under. 

Lyon Con ran with the help of the Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) club, started by Kat Farley ‘23 in 2019. Along with participating in games and helping attendees, Farley had a booth and was selling her original artwork. 

“My favorite part of Lyon Con is probably just seeing everyone meeting new people,” Farley said. “It’s just an all around fun experience to see all the different people that come.” 

D&D club sponsor Bill Allan has organized Lyon Con since it began in 2018. 

“I’m just looking forward to coming back after missing 2021,” Allan said when interviewed prior to the convention. “We’re so excited to be partnered again with our friendly local game store, Fair Game, and all of our other vendors and artists.” 

D&D club member Shannon Miller ‘23 helped guests situate themselves, and also assisted vendors’ set up. Throughout the day, he ran various RPGs. 

“Games are my passion,” Miller said. “D&D is a very fun thing to do with my friends. I have been doing it for five, almost six years now.”

Jay Bilotta ‘25 attended with his younger brother Joey Bilotta. Jay was fully costumed as Beetlejuice, and Joey was costumed as Maurice from “Beauty and the Beast.” 

“I love the fact that it’s a bunch of people all together doing what they love,” Jay said. “It’s just a bunch of nerds, all in one place, and it’s great.”

Among the Saturday crowd was Principal Jennifer Tyrrell

“It’s so cool to look around and see students that are so passionate about so many different areas that are represented at Lyon Con,” Tyrrell said. “It’s just phenomenal and I appreciate Mr. Allen’s efforts to get this going. There’s a lot of kids here having a lot of fun, doing things that they love with classmates and friends that share similar interests.”