LT Board of Education

Harper Hill, News co-editor

As 2019 marked the end of three Board of Education members’ terms, the committee held a reorganization meeting on April 23 to swear in new members and thank those leaving the board for their years of service.

John Polacek had served since 1989 and decided to retire from his position. Barbara Rosinsky and Phillip Palmer, however, both ran for reelection against three other qualified candidates. Palmer lost 

Allison Kelly, Kari Dillon and Rosinsky won the election with 24%, 23% and 19% of the votes respectively, according to the Cook County Clerk’s unofficial results.

“It’s up to us to go out and present ourselves to the public,” Dillon said. “You should be talking to voters who have a stake in the issues.”

Dillon ran with several platforms: school safety, mental wellness and technology. Kelly ran feeling it was time to give back to LT- a high school that more than 22 of her family members attended, she said.

“People are just looking at, ‘Do we trust this person to make the right decisions for the community and the students?’” Kelly said. “LT is a great school; I want to continue that and improve what I can.”

Eligible candidates must start the process with collecting at least 50 signatures, but it is recommended to get at least double this count, Dillon said. After filing this paperwork with Cook County, it is left to the public to decide who they want to represent the 11 communities associated with District 204. Any taxpayer for Lyons Township High School District 204 over the age of 18 was able to vote in the election held in April.

“If someone has any interest in [running], [they] should go through the process,” Dillon said. “I think it gives you a sense of how our democracy works and how the election process is handled. It was an incredibly insightful learning experience.”

New board members Dillon and Kelly were sworn into the Board of Education during the reorganization meeting on April 23. They recited an oath in unison, promising to help the school fulfill obligations and follow/enforce policies.

Dillon and Kelly recited: “As part of the Board of Education I shall accept my responsibility for my role in the equitable and quality education of every student in the school district.”

The board also voted on office positions. President Thomas Cushing and Vice President George Dougherty both remained in the same positions as the previous term. Rosinsky was elected into the secretary role, filling the shoes of Palmer.

Rosinsky continued the meeting by reading a statement, thanking both Palmer and Polacek for their time on the board. Polacek had been on the board since 1989, and Palmer since 2011.

Rosinsky read: “[Both Polacek and Palmer] unselfishly devoted [their] time and energies, not only to [their] duties as a school board member, but also to [their] understanding and appreciation of public education in our American society. Now therefore, be it resolved, that the board of education of Lyons Township High School District 204 warmly expresses its gratitude and appreciation to [them], pays tribute to [their] leadership ability and accomplishments, and wishes [them] continuous success during the years ahead.”

Polacek and Palmer both graduated from LT themselves and commented on what a great experience they had while serving on the LT Board of Education.

“It was nice to continue being part of the school and making sure things were going in the right direction,” Palmer said.

The next regular board meeting will take place on June 17, at 7:30 pm in NC room 103.

“I am excited and hopeful for the future,” Dillon said. “I know there are some very real issues that concern our student community, and I want to make sure that all our students feel that they have a voice in our community [and are] a part [of] LT, and get the most out of their experience.”