Girls gymnastics swings into new season

Varsity, junior varsity teams welcome new assistant coaches, form goals


Annmarie Holmes ‘23 focuses on her next move on the mat at practice on Nov. 16 in the NC gymnastics gym (Lazich/LION).

Kathryn Lazich, Reporter

Girls gymnastics has been getting back into the rhythm of their typical routines in preparation for their upcoming meets. The gymnasts practice five to six days a week during the season, and with all the practice, they are able to pick up on new skills quickly. 

The girls have set beginning, middle, and post-season goals for themselves to help stay on track with their progress, varsity head coach Brittany Milovanovic said. 

“I’m proud of all of their work ethic and how much they thrive to succeed,” Milovanovic said.

“We’ve made goals already, some of them already accomplishing their first goal quickly.”

While the girls make smaller goals throughout the season in order to stay focused, a lot of them have kept reaching the State Series in the back of their minds, Annmarie Holmes ‘23 said. 

“I feel like making it to State is a pretty big goal that a lot of us have been talking about, and also continuing how strong of a team we have,” Holmes said. 

As the team continues to practice their skills, they also adjust to the new coaches leading the program this season. In the last few years, the girls gymnastics program has undergone a lot of change regarding the coaches. This year, they welcomed varsity assistant coach Kristen Ciabattari, and junior varsity assistant coach Natalie Lea to help around the gym. All the coaches have an abundance of gymnastics experience with some of them participating in gymnastics in high school and from working at private gyms.

Overall, the transitioning of coaches has been a fairly smooth process especially since Milovanovic returned from last season, Holmes said. On the flip side, the frequent changes in coaches has been difficult for some members due to the inconsistencies felt. 

“It’s difficult to be a senior and not have the same coaches that you went in freshman year with because you almost feel like a freshman again,” Delaney Adams ‘23 said. “It feels like a whole new environment because everybody wants to coach the team differently.” 

Amidst this challenge, it has brought the team closer together in navigating the different coaching styles, Adams said. Throughout the pandemic and past season, the team has persevered through all the transitions and work to validate and understand everyone’s feelings. 

“With the girls and the team ourselves, we’ve bonded over getting through it together,” Adams said. “Yes it’s different, and at times you want to be upset, but we’re doing it together.”

With positive mindsets, the gymnasts are optimistic for the rest of their season together, Holmes said. Girls gymnastics will be hosting three meets this season in the NC gymnastics gyms, and they are excited to have the encouragement of the school community backing them, Milovanovic said. 

“I am so impressed with the varsity team’s determination to compete at the IHSA post-season,” Milovanovic said. “Holmes, Ava Hepokoski ’25, and Emily Bertucci ’25 all placed within the top 10 for events at the varsity Hinsdale South Invitational.”

The team will have their next meet at home on Jan. 11 at 6 p.m. against Glenbard West.