The voice of Lyons Township students for more than 100 years

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The voice of Lyons Township students for more than 100 years

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The voice of Lyons Township students for more than 100 years

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‘Saw X’ movie continues shocking legacy

‘Saw’ franchise releases 10th movie in series
Poster for ‘Saw X’, movie debuted Sept. 2023 (photo courtesy of Fandango).

The “Saw” series is back again with the recent “Saw X” released on Sept. 29, promising fans what they have come to expect from the franchise: a bloody game of life and death with surprising twists and turns. This movie, which has gained notoriety for its gory and torturous moments, was once again directed by the franchise’s original director, Darren Bousman. Tobin Bell portrays the notorious Jigsaw Killer, John Kramer

“Saw X” sets the tone in its opening moments with a classic scenario—or, more accurately, with a horrific trap. A fresh group of victims, each with their own issues and hidden histories, are introduced. They are unable to free themselves from a never-ending labyrinth of progressively horrifying survival obstacles. Bousman skillfully summons the dark suspense and anxiety that made the original “Saw” film so memorable. 

Compared to the previous movies in the series, this one has more of Kramer’s backstory. “Saw X” explores his background exposing what drove him and how his perception of justice got so twisted. One of the best parts of the movie is Bell’s portrayal, who makes Kramer as frightening as ever while also displaying this psychotic killer’s belief of being completely justified in his actions. Despite 10 different cinematic adaptations, the story and characters of Jigsaw never go out of style.  

“Saw X” carries on the franchise’s tradition of inventive and horrifying kill sequences. There is no need to worry for the die-hard fans who are anticipating this portion of the movie. The methods are always intended to test the victims’ moral character, and the viewer is continuously made aware of the gory violence. Those who have seen the other nine films will consider this one to be exceptional. Now for those of you that are just curious to check out your first “Saw” movie, don’t be shocked when you feel turned off from watching another horror movie due to the horrific violence. 

In a long-running show like “Saw,” it might be difficult to consistently shock fans with new movies. Time and time again throughout the movie, most scenes can feel predictable, especially the plot twists but to many of the audience, that is what makes “Saw” such a classic, even if it’s repetitive. Even though “Saw X” mostly continues in the footsteps of its predecessors, it does however bring a few surprises to the plot. Some viewers could feel as though they are watching the same things repeatedly despite the film’s many plot twists and turns. The allusions and nods to earlier films may provoke nostalgia in those who have seen the earlier films in the series. 

Both newbies and recurring characters from earlier films are part of the cast of “Saw X.” Samuel L. Jackson was added to the film as a detective intent on apprehending Jigsaw. In addition to doing a fantastic job of defining the horror genre, the supporting cast also highlights the protagonists’ desperation and hopelessness. 

The “Saw” franchise has always been good at getting viewers to think about the morality of their choices and the effects of their actions. The audience of “Saw X” as well as the movie’s heroes are forced to reflect on their moral choices. It compels us to think about kindness, severity, and the boundaries of justice. 

In the end, “Saw X” is a deserving comeback to the formula that turned the first nine movies in the series into masterpieces. Beyond the much-anticipated bloodshed, tricks, and surprises, fans will appreciate learning more about Jigsaw’s origin story. While it’s not quite as scary as the earlier movies in the series, it’s still a great addition to the legacy of dreadful horror movies in the franchise. “Saw X” is a must-see if you’re searching for a predictable but entertaining horror movie, regardless of how much you dislike the genre. So relax, watch “Saw X,” and feel disgusted and terrified!


4/5 Paws

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