The voice of Lyons Township students for more than 100 years

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The voice of Lyons Township students for more than 100 years

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The voice of Lyons Township students for more than 100 years

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Math Team prepares for Regionals

Working side by side with teammates to win

A different kind of team is quietly making waves, solving equations rather than scoring goals. Math Team is not your typical sports team, but its members display the same level of dedication, discipline, and teamwork that one would find on the basketball court or soccer field. 

At competitions and during practice, Math Team classifies each problem as a specific type, assigning it to someone who is familiar with it. This is similar to how teammates in sports recognize each other’s strengths and assign positions accordingly, such as defense, center, or goal, head coach Jennifer Szczesniak said. 

The oral contest–a competition where participants are given a topic to study and then presented with three questions which they will have a set time to complete–was documented on camera between Feb. 5 and Feb. 8. The remaining Regional match-ups will take place Saturday, Feb. 24 all over the state. Like sports, there are numerous Regional locations but every single competition happens at the exact same time.

The Regional Oral competition is three weeks earlier than all other Regional competition events. [and] we’ve doubled up practices,” Szczesniak said. “Therefore, in order to maximize your performance on a team event, you must, like with any other team, play to each other’s strengths. So, the calculator team is a multi-grade team.  The students collaborate and say, ‘Here’s the topic that I know well.”

Everyone on the team contributes to one skill, from Algebra to Calculus, they all work together to make the team stronger. 

“Having good chemistry with my peers means that when we’re practicing, everyone feels comfortable asking questions and getting help when needed,” Math Team Captain Cali Hendricks ‘24 said. “This helps us all to be better during competitions.”

The calculator team works with other students from all different grades, the ability of the team getting along makes it easier for them to solve the problems. Additionally, the two-person team is able to work together so well because of the friendships on the team that allows them to know their individual strengths and weaknesses, Hendricks ‘24 said.

“Overall, our primary goals are to qualify the entire team for the state competition again and then break into the top 10. We finished 11th last year,” head coach of Juniors Alex Wojcik said. “If we don’t make the top 10 then we want to ensure we at least beat Hinsdale Central at state again.”

There’s no denying the team members’ eagerness and determination as the regionals get closer. They are aware that teamwork and unified performance are just as important to the success of the Regionals as individual accomplishments. Math team demonstrates that the values of competitiveness and the goal of success go well above the playing field, as well as how  hard work and dedication can pay off in any situation, as they prepare for the regional tournament.

“For regionals, I think we are set up pretty well, we have spent the year practicing both the grade-level focus areas (Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and Pre-Calc) as well as the specific skills needed for any competition(time management, working as a team, etc). We’ve also been training with partner and team practice, and you can definitely see our progress throughout the year. Our main goal is to beat Hinsdale Central but we also hope to place and win in as many categories as possible.”

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