Virtual spirit week created in the midst of a pandemic


Virtual Spirit Week (courtesy of lthswaterman Instagram).

Charlotte McLaughlin, reporter

During an unprecedented time of great disconnect, LT decided to create its own online spirit week for the week of March 30. The daily themes were Moshpit Monday, Tag Tuesday, Wash Your Hands Wednesday, Throwing Thursday, and Film Friday, according to the @lthswaterman Instagram page.

“School spirit keeps the blood flowing with good vibes,” student council officer Justin Backus ‘21 said. “Our idea behind [virtual spirit week] was that it could be a fun way to see what everyone has been doing since, most of the time, they are probably scrolling through social media anyway.”

Student council wanted to keep the students and staff together and connected even though they are unable to physically be with each other, Principal Brian Waterman said.

“We hope to connect with students virtually during a time that we can’t connect with them in person,” Waterman said. “We [were] trying to think outside of the box in keeping students engaged, so we felt like there was no downside to trying it.”

Although there were no evident downsides to this plan, participation was a major concern of student council’s, especially since people were unable to see each other during the spirit week, Backus said.

The best way to interact and connect during spirit weeks and upcoming events like that is through Instagram and Twitter, Waterman said.

“If you don’t have an account, start one and get in on the fun,” he said. “Being a part of a school community is what makes the high school experience special, and during this stay at home order, it is more important than ever to make sure students are feeling like they are a part of something.”