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Private is professional

Greg Smith, Assistant Opinions Editor

September 22, 2017

We learn a great deal from our teachers. Beyond rote knowledge, a good teacher can teach how to process information, how to reason, and how to arrive at logical conclusions. Good teachers can teach their students how to think. But a teacher does a disservice when he or she tries to teach what to t...

CounterPoint: Going global

Charlie Stelnicki, Managing Editor

May 25, 2017

The year is 2017. We are in an age where one can click a button and send information across the world through the internet, or book a plane ticket and be anywhere, doing anything, in person, in less than a day. Our world is global and is interconnected in more ways than are imaginable. Pursuing nationalistic...

Point: Make Nationalism Great Again

Henry Groya, Reporter

May 25, 2017

Donald Trump being elected, the United Kingdom leaving the European Union and Marine Le Pen being a serious contender in the 2017 French elections all have something significant in common: nationalism is on the rise. When one hears the word “nationalism” one often associates it with something nega...

‘Dis Generation’

Thomas Atseff, Opinions editor

April 12, 2017

When we are kids, we are careless, happy-go-lucky and innocent. We spend our days without worry, living in a Hakuna-Matata way. By the time we reach middle school or high school, we are then bombarded by the fact that the world will soon cave in on us and become a horrible place unlike the place we’...

All the news that’s fit to print

Phil Smith, Editor in chief

January 27, 2017

In 2013, Martin Scorsese’s “The Wolf of Wall Street” set a noteworthy record. This was not in box office receipts, for Oscars awarded, or for any meaningful artistic achievement. No, this movie made history by using a certain four-letter word once almost every 19 seconds. For three straight hours,...

CounterPoint: Don’t panic and don’t sit out

Charlie Stelnicki, Managing editor of print content

December 1, 2016

On Nov. 8, a plurality of electoral college votes were won by a businessman who used a populist message to capture the dissatisfaction the white working class has felt for years. The election itself was incredibly polarizing. Day after day for over a year, our differences were shoved into our face...

Point: It’s time to Make America Great Again

Henry Groya, Reporter

December 1, 2016

This year’s presidential election shocked the country when businessman and celebrity Donald J. Trump was nominated as the next President. This came as a surprise to the nation, because a majority of political polls and media outlets favored Hillary Clinton to run away with the nomination. On Tuesday, ...

Safe spaces don’t make a safe school

Tim Mikulski, Art director

October 27, 2016

It makes sense that talk of safe spaces is centered on places of education. High school and college are intensely formative times, and students encounter frequent new ideas compared to the relative isolation that middle and elementary schools provide. LT students are receptive to each others’ ideas;...

Go safe or go home

Juliana Halpin, Managing editor of online content/social media content

October 27, 2016

Whether it is intentional or unintentional, those who argue that safe spaces are unnecessary and have no place on school campuses are inadvertently arguing for students and staff to feel unsafe while on school grounds. Safe spaces have historically been places where groups of people with common characteristics...

Kick back and read

Charlie Stelnicki, Managing editor of print content

September 23, 2016

The summer reading webpage cheerily announces on, “Continue to cultivate the habit of reading and escape into new worlds this summer with a good book!” Now, I understand that many students lack enthusiasm for anything school related during long summer days, and that isn’t by any fault...

Summer’s too booked for reading

Brandt Seigfried, Reporter

September 23, 2016

Mid-August, the week right before school starts, we have all done it; our summer reading isn’t completed yet. What’s the solution? Pick out this random book off the list, skim it or Spark Note it before school starts. We won’t do anything important with it anyways, right? When I was a kid, my...

Point: Coverage creates change

MelRose Buckler, News Editor

April 7, 2016

After 26 innocent people—20 of them only children—were murdered in Newtown, Conn. in 2012, the entire nation grieved together. President Barack Obama held a press conference and social media was flooded with messages of condolences to the victims and their families. The media covered the story f...

Counterpoint: Erase the immoral face

Hallie Coleman, Reporter

March 31, 2016

Fear.  Fear possesses the human race; it is a presence that never sleeps.  Fear eats away at sanity and leaves nothing but vulnerability.  Fear is paralyzing.  Imagine walking into some place you find comfort, a place in which you feel safe.  Imagine never being able to walk within a five block...

Point: Cancer in a can

Charlie Stelnicki, Assistant Sports Editor

February 22, 2016

The outdoors are a gift of life. Every LT student can relate to the joy of the day weather permits the South Campus courtyards to be reopened, heading out to do a lab in the biology courtyard your freshman year, or eating lunch with friends in the sun. You can get a breath of fresh air before heading...

CounterPoint: Raising the age to purchase tobacco: NOT lit

Mary Sullivan, Reporter

February 22, 2016

Mayor Rahm Emanuel appears to have a vendetta set against tobacco products. At the end of December, he began a campaign against e-cigs, on Jan. 11 he proposed raising the already very high tobacco taxes to help fund a CPS student program and now here we are in February and Mayor Emanuel is pushing forwa...

Point: Freedom from fear

Gaby Sabatino, Managing Editor

January 25, 2016

Columbine. Newtown. Aurora. San Bernardino. Colorado Springs. Charleston. The list goes on. I can continue to ramble off the names of various schools, houses of worship, communities and public places where dozens of American lives have fallen victim to tragic events involving mass shootings. From...

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