The groundhog does it again


Punxsutany Phil and the rest of Pittsburgh celebrate on Groundhog Day 2022 (photo courtesy of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette).

Scarlett Lestina, Copy Editor

Without the infamous Punxsutawney Phil, I simply do not know how I, let alone the world, would function. 

Every year on Feb. 2, Phil pops up from his beloved burrow to grace us with his presence and mythical knowledge. He has been a reoccurring figure in society since 1887, and honestly, I don’t understand how he hasn’t been around longer. Phil is single-handedly responsible for predicting when winter will end and I fully place all my trust in his little rodent self.  

The widely known “Groundhog Day” brings me an indescribable joy as this is one of the only days where I know that weather is 100% predicted correctly. For the next couple of weeks, I no longer have to haul a suitcase to school with every thinkable clothing option, simply because I want to be prepared for every case scenario. 

The 135-year-old groundhog has not been wrong once, which is enough for me to fully believe him. Not to mention that he has been around longer than any other groundhog, let alone human, by a substantial amount. Anybody who doesn’t agree with his amazing predictions needs to seriously reevaluate their source of news because there is no one better than the man, the myth, the legend, Punxsutawney Phil. 

“Phil has a steady routine to get ready for his big day,” Phil’s assistant who asked to remain anonymous said. “This is a big day for all of us, not many people come to this part of Pennsylvania until Phil comes out. We have to make sure everything is to his liking, or else he will become his alter ego, Phillipa.” 

Apparently, Phillipa is the sort of diva that declines to comment, but as we prepare for this eventful day it is important to remember who has never once misled anyone, Punxsutawney Phil.