NFL trade deadline analysis: Campbell

Grant Campbell, News Editor

In our conflicting columns, Luke Lusson and I will attempt to rank five crucial deals that got done before the NFL trade deadline on Oct. 31 at 4 p.m. We hoped to rank six, but the Browns’ terrible management resulted in the deal for A.J. McCarron not going through because they forgot to inform the league on the deal in time.  So let’s jump right in:

Panthers trade Star wide receiver to the Buffalo Bills in exchange for a third and seventh-round pick

To me, this deal was incredibly one sided. The Buffalo Bills have filled a crucial hole in their roster with a young, proven vertical/redzone threat.  On top of that, they got the 26 year-old-star for a mediocre third-round pick and a roster-filling seventh-round pick.  To me, it seems like the Panthers have decided to sell out on their playoff hopes, while the Bills have solidified their chances of winning the AFC East.

Bills trade Marcell Dareus to Jacksonville for a sixth-round pick

Wow. The first of many deadline deals was a huge one.  The $95 Million man was officially shipped to an already stacked defense amid the rumors of the team hoping to deal him.  Though defensive players aren’t always considered on the same level as explosive offensive juggernauts, offensive lines simply can’t contain all 6’3” 331 lbs. of the star defensive tackle.  The Jaguars have a top three defense in the league, so adding a top defensive tackle who can stuff the run in exchange for a sixth-round pick… Jacksonville did something right here.

Dolphins trade running back Jay Ajayi to the Eagles for a fourth-round pick

If the Dolphins aren’t colluding with the Eagles, I have no idea why this trade happened. The Dolphins are currently serious contenders for a wildcard spot, and trading away the former breakout rookie doesn’t make much sense.  Sure, Ajayi is struggling to gain traction after a few 200+ yard games to end last year, he surely has the breakout potential to be a pro-bowl RB.  Overall, the fourth round pick is no were near enough to compensate the loss of Ajayi.  Now, the dominant 7-1 eagles have both Lagerrette Blount and Ajayi, one of the top backfields in the league.

Seahawks acquire Duane Brown from the Texans for a third and second-round pick

Overall, I feel that this is the fairest deal. Both teams seem to compensate equally on the surface, but it’s important to think deeply about the loss of Brown for the Texans.  Everyone knows that a team’s left tackle is essential in protecting your quarterback.  Now that the Texans have dealt the pro bowl star, it will be interesting to see how rookie of the year candidate Deshaun Watson will perform.  For Seattle, the Seahawks were able to keep stud Tight End Jimmy Graham, as well as one of their starting corners, Jeremy Lane.  To me, Seattle seems to be the long-term winner of this deal, unless Houston can draft a star in the second or third round.

Jimmy Garoppolo traded to the 49ers in exchange for a second round pick

To me, this deal is very risky.  The Patriots have obtained a safe top 60 pick, so their part of the deal is much more secure than the 49ers.  Garoppolo has too many question marks for me to love this deal.  Sure, the heir to the Patriots QB throne is a highly touted player, but I’m concerned with his lack of experience.  He didn’t come from a top 25 college program-Eastern Illinois-and he has only thrown the ball 94 times at the professional level.  The second Garoppolo lobs a ball to someone other than Pierre Garcon, we’ll be seeing the first interception of his career.

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