Frozen Two Review: Liked

Frozen Two Review: Liked

Quinn Riordan, reporter and photographer

I walked into “Frozen 2” with my friend on opening weekend, surrounded by young children giddy with anticipation to see their favorite Disney characters, Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Olaf, and the lovable reindeer Sven. 

“Frozen 2” is a better movie than its predecessor with memorable music scenes and songs, meaningful story line and the heartfelt bond between the sisters. 

The overall plot of both the original “Frozen” and “Frozen 2” center around the sisterly love between Anna and Elsa, that can save lives and “save the day”. This essential theme of non romantic love and its importance should be broadcasted in more media. The unconventional Disney princess movie where Elsa doesn’t need a partner to succeed, illustrates this message to young children of their own significance and power. The plot of “Frozen 2” is further developed with subplots with Anna and Kristoff’s romance, and the overall development of Anna as a character. 

This film also pays more attention to Kristoff, Anna and Olaf as characters, bringing them more to the forefront along with Elsa. I found that refreshing because it showed off the whole cast and their different personalities, making the movie multifaceted and more entertaining. It lacks the focus on Elsa that the first film had, but I did not mind. I felt the development into all of the characters made it more enjoyable to watch and showed a broader range. 

Furthermore, the humor throughout the film appeals to both children and adults with Olaf prancing around with playfully dark jokes and songs to make the entirety of the audience laugh. 

Lastly, the soundtrack in this film is superior as opposed to the previous. The music plays an integral part in the film featuring songs from Elsa, of course, along with Kristoff, Olaf, and Anna. The music develops along with the film, integrating similar melodies and refrans to tie into the story line. The score is very well-written and conveys both comedy and heartbreak creating a soundtrack that both boosts the movie and can stand on its own. 

“Frozen 2” is a more developed “Frozen” with the same lovable characters and sing-along soundtrack. “Frozen 2” delivers the valuable themes of love and family that provides entertainment for the whole family.