LION wins multiple IJEA awards

Print, online and multimedia award winners listed

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Rory Quealy, Assistant Web Editor

LION won 16 individual awards and two overall awards in print and online in the 2021 Illinois Journalism Education Association statewide contest. The newspaper was entered in Division 5 for schools with an enrollment of 2,601 students and over. 

“This year was not easy,” Editor-in-Chief John Hepp said. “We had to overhaul the way we did everything in regards to story assignments, editing and page layout. But for us to win these awards makes me beyond proud. There was so much hard work put in this year, and to be recognized for that is fantastic.”

1st place Best Feature Story: Former LT student pursues career in animation” by senior Sophia Schultz

1st place Best Multimedia:Van Gogh exhibit review” by junior Janessa Mosqueda and junior Grace Moore

1st place Best Single-page Story Package: “Student activism” by senior Claire Williams, junior Abraham Morales and junior Emmerson Mclean

1st place Best Front Page Design: “Quarantine Bingo” by senior Quinn Riordan

2nd place Best Single-page Story Package: “Student athletes winter signing day” by senior Lizzie Patel and senior Collette Doyle

2nd place Best News Story:LT creates diversity mural” by senior Brianna Fonseca

2nd place Best Personality Profile:Junior artist to graduate early” by junior Ella Mahaney

2nd place Best Sports Commentary:Athletes, it’s finally time” by senior Robert Sullivan 

3rd place Best Multimedia: Womanish exhibit review” by senior Paige Darling and junior Janessa Mosqueda

3rd place Best COVID-19 Coverage:LT graduate dies of COVID-19” by senior Claire Williams

3rd place Best Audio Journalism:Achievement Gap podcast, episode 2” by junior Janessa Mosqueda and junior Abraham Morales

3rd place Best Reviews: The Elm restaurant” by junior Morgan Fry

3rd place Best Two-page Spread: “A nation divided” by senior Adriana Serrano Matsumoto, senior Sophia Schultz, senior Kaitlyn Joyner and senior Charlotte McLaughlin

3rd place Best Alternative Storytelling:Best of everything fashion” by senior Paige Darling and junior Grace Moore

Honorable mention Best Audio Journalism:Wellness Check podcast, episode 2” by junior Morgan Fry and junior Ella Mahaney

Honorable mention Best Serious Commentary:The Anxiety of being Asian American” by junior Emmerson Mclean

Honorable Mention Best Hybrid Publication: LION newspaper

Honorable Mention Best Website: