Superlatives cause conflict

Tessa Voytovich, Reporter

Senior superlatives have always been a big deal at LT, but this year, seniors took it to the next level. Not only did students promote themselves on social media, but they created smear campaigns to take down their competitors.

“I was scrolling through Instagram and saw an anonymous account that posted a picture of me from middle school,” Betsy Dress ‘19 said. “I was wearing tribal patterned leggings and a tie dye shirt, which not only clashes, but is so out of style. There goes best dressed.”

A pair of seniors, Chad Friend and Brad Homie, who are campaigning for “Brothers from Another Mother’’ got their friendship bracelets stolen.

“This is getting out of hand,” Friend said. “How am I supposed to convince people that we are best friends if we don’t have our matching bracelets, bro?”

The Editor-in-Chief of Tabulae, Molly Queen, says that they have never seen anything like this in years past.

“Usually when people want to win a senior superlative, they just promote the thing that they’re campaigning for,” Queen said. “Like take the ‘most likely to end up in jail’ winner from last year. On the day of graduation, he stole the janitor’s keys and broke in to the school. Then he lit the NC bell in the tower on fire and got arrested that day.”

Angry parents and students have been reaching out to the school in hopes to save some dignity.

“Honestly, there’s nothing I can really do about this except laugh at what these anonymous Instagram accounts are posting,” Principal Dr. Byron Aguahombre said. “It was really something to see the video of ‘best hair’ cutting her own bangs in elementary school. After seeing that, I’m not voting for her.”