Senior prank creates physical experience

Grace Dekoker, Editor-in-Chief

As is tradition at LT, the senior class has pulled yet another elaborate prank to commemorate their four years at LT. Students pulled a classic prank, Joe Kester ‘19 said.

“We were really pressed for time, since so many of our senior class members were busy with assassin this year,” he said. “Instead of opting for a creative prank, we decided to keep it simple with a Jell-O-in-the pool, you know, a classic ha-ha.”

Indeed, at both SC and NC, first period gym swim students were shocked to find strawberry jello replacing their water. Despite this obvious problem, LT PE classes were not cancelled, head of physical education Hugh G. Mussels said.

“Jello in the swimming pool is for sure going to be a roadblock for these students,” he said. “But the cardiovascular benefits far outweigh the sanitary and safety risks; just think about all that resistance their muscles will have to work hard against!”

Family and Consumer science teachers were enthralled as well, culinary arts teacher Kukin Fude said. Culinary arts teachers found the density and gelatin concentration to be near perfection, and child development teachers brought their daycare students to watch the PE students struggle through Jell-O.

“It was so cool,” Terry Smith ’20 said. “These seniors are so ingenuitive and have turned their pranking tradition into a way for the whole school to learn more.”

Seniors, however, were not amused.

“We wanted to do the SC kids a solid, get them out of gym swim for a day,” Kester said. “On behalf of our entire class, we didn’t mean to make gym swim any harder and we’re so sorry.”

It is unclear when the Jell-O situation will be remedied, but stay connected on the LiOnion online for further updates.