Our tips to evaluate a date

Grace Dekoker, Editor-in-Chief

How to tell if “she’s not like other girls”

  1. If she listens to Billie Eilish and thinks she’s indie.
  2. If she plans to wear Converse to prom.
  3. If she hangs out with guys because it’s just less drama.
  4. If she watches sports. Or ever has. Or ever plans to.
  5. If she’s cool with being demeaned by men because she’s just like, SO chill.


How to tell if ‘he’s not like other guys’

  1. If he paints his nails black.
  2. If he tells you “you’re the only one he talks to” (sis he LYIN’!).
  3. If he posts a picture of you on Instagram without you having to ask him.
  4. If he reads. Double points if it’s poetry.
  5. If he ‘respects’ women (until he doesn’t get his way).