LT bans bathroom use, opens vape rooms

Anna McCormick, Reporter

As of last week, Principal Byron Aguahombre declared all bathrooms will be closed due to the vaping epidemic. Students as well as staff will no longer have access to the bathrooms for the remainder of the year.

“The bathrooms were turning into ‘Vaping Rooms’ where students and staff would take advantage of the unmonitored room to get buzzed,” Aguahombre said. “After so many warnings and the all-school vaping assembly, I am in utter shock that the atrocity of vaping is still occuring.”

The ban has affected students ability to focus in class.

“I can’t pay attention in class because I am constantly thinking about how I have to use the restroom,” said P.P. Smith ‘19. “I have seriously considered peeing in a bush on my way to gym.”

Due to the ban, some students have resulted to wearing diapers in school.

“My mom went out and bought me ‘Dr. Rectum’s Reusable Plushies’ which are adult diapers because she knew I would not last a whole day not being able to use the bathroom,” said Timmy Thicc ‘20.

Teachers have also turned to using adult diapers in order to get through the school day.

“Having to use adult diapers is utterly embarrassing,” health teacher Trixie Alberts said. “I should not have to be put in that situation simply because the school is not happy with my decision to rip my Vape Mod during my breaks.”

Principal Aguahombre justifies his decision to close the bathrooms by declaring that the ban is the only way to limit vaping within the school.

“Hopefully with less vaping in school, the students and staff will carry the habit of not vaping home with them,” he said. “I am optimistic this ban will change everyone’s ways for the better.”