LT students become stars of “The Shape of Water 2” after bad reaction to NC pool

Maddy Cohen, Art Director

NC Swimming Pool- As the water games gym unit was about to come to a close, a group of students underwent a beautiful and breathtaking transformation into floating, green slime balls. This chemical and spiritual reaction was due to an large overuse of chlorine in the pool.

“The pool had an overbearing stench of chlorine, sweat, and humidity,” blob Starlight Exactica (formerly Jack Smith ‘18) said. “That isn’t anything out of the ordinary, though. So we just jumped in like normal.”

After the kids jumped in, a blinding light soared through the room, gym coach Buff Tryfitt said. When the light subsided, the only thing that was left in the pool was the greasy, disgusting film that remained of the students.

“The pool basically imploded,” Tryfitt said.

While these students now have to be wheeled around in a glass bin of chlorine water, this transformation is giving them an opportunity that they never could have dreamed of– a chance to land on the big screen.

“These creatures are just beautiful,” Director Guillotine Del Toronto said. “It will also save us tons of money. We don’t even need CGI anymore.”

Scientists across the nation are baffled at the extreme reaction to the chlorine. Experts say that the dose was so large that no one knew the kind of power chlorine had.
“I don’t know what chlorine is,” President of the United States Moldy Lump said regarding the issue.

These amoebas have now become part-time students in order to make time for their new life on the silver screen. This is actually easier on the students, Exactica said. The toils of everyday school work are impossible when you’re sealed in an oxygen-less tank.

“Coming up with a way to communicate was a lot easier than we thought,” fellow amoeba Dusty Striker (formerly Hanna Lee ‘19) said.

Unfortunately, the quickly achieved fame of these students and the new knowledge of the power of quarantine has started a new internet trend called the, “chlorine challenge”. Essentially, children bathe themselves in chlorine until they too become these horrific goop balls.

“LT does not encourage this behavior,” LT principal Breadcrumb Waterboi said. “Frankly, anyone who voluntarily bathes himself in that large amount of chlorine should turn into residue. Natural selection.”

Regardless, the students are excited and hopeful that this movie will open up many doors for them.

“I’m just grateful to have this opportunity,” Striker said.