LT Implements rooms designated for e-vape

Spiro Kass, Editor-in-Chief

In light of a recent increase of a particular habit, LT has placed not smoke rooms, but “Juul” rooms in both NC and SC for students to use when they need a nicotine break. Each room is designed to ensure comfort for student users, and is available to students during lunch and passing periods.

“I think this implementation is really good for our students,” Assistant Principal Kiss Costco said. “Students in both campuses no longer have to worry about secretly ripping their nic in bathrooms. We all thought, it is such a common activity, why not make it more relaxing. They can now fiend with no repercussions. It’s just great.”

Completed on April 20, two Juul rooms were installed in each campus, Costco said. Each room comes along with four massage chairs, a dessert bar, a Fortnite setup and freshly roasted coffee. Additionally, all flavors of Juul and Phix pods are on sale in each room, ensuring a full supply for any student in need.

“I use the rooms all the time,” an anonymous bro said to LIONION. “Whenever I get the itch, I just relax in in the room during passing periods, rip my juul and chill. It’s really chill.”

Not only is it chill, but it also lessens student distraction during school hours and revitalizes their focus, Principal Breadcrumb Waterboi said.

“If I learned one thing being while being the principal of a high school, it is to never get in the way of a nic fiend,” Waterboi said. “When you do, they get angry and antsy. We don’t like angry and antsy students, because that equals less productivity.”

In addition to vape rooms, teachers are following this trend by awarding extra credit to student who can perform cool vape tricks in front of the class.

“Students just have an artful passion for doing tricks with e-vape, it’s so inspiring,” AP U.S. History teacher Dre Oldstay said. “One of my students performed a beautiful French inhale the other day, I just had to give him 10 extra credit points. Art like that should not go unnoticed.”

Overall, students appreciate the administration’s acknowledgement of the needs, and could not have asked for a more suitable school environment.

“I’m just happy I can Juul in peace,” Hardo Bih ‘20. “I was born to be a fiend. Will this make me a better student? Probably not. But hey, I won’t have rip my nic in the bathroom now. It makes us all happy.”