Female athletics honor trash bin

Maddy Cohen, Art Director

The Vaughn Gym was filled with streamers and balloons this past Thursday as the girls basketball and volleyball teams honored their most devoted fan: a garbage can.

“This bin has been with us through thick and thin,” Femma Eink ’18 said. “It has been to more games than my mom has.”

The garbage bin, who goes by Joseph, has been sitting in the Vaughn gym since 1952, the year it was built. After over 60 years of watching these games, Joseph was overwhelmed with the surprise ceremony.

“I was so honored to be named their most dedicated fan,” Joseph said. “I didn’t have much competition though, LOL.”

After a record-breaking low number of fans attending their games, Administrators were worried about the self-esteem and overall well-being of the female athletes. After years of having an average of 1.7 non-parent fans per game, the girls are pretty accustomed to this seasons’ turn out.

“When people ask me: ‘don’t you want to have real fans?’ I chuckle to myself.” Rana Deynolds ’18 said. “They just don’t understand.”

Coaches and administrators have tried various attempts to increase attendance, Deynolds said. There have been 50/50 raffles, gift cards to multiple LaGrange locations and even gave out a free car. Yet, nothing has stuck.

“I feel like an important piece in the success of the girls’ seasons.”  Joseph said. “The girls have outperformed the boys almost every season. It’s obvious that their success depends on me, not the fans.”

They are planning to have a more formal party sometime in the near future, but for now, Joseph is just excited for the upcoming seasons.

“I am so happy that I could impact these girls,” Joseph said. “I’ll never forget this.”