Bored Housewives Association presses school on beige lockers

Sarah Grier, Pulse Editor

Susan Freal, a mother of two LT students, launched a new campaign to repaint the lockers lining the NC halls.

“I was watching HGTV one Tuesday afternoon when it hit me,” Freal said. “The only thing that differs between a middle and upper class home is tasteful color palettes. That’s what I want at LT.”

During a parent teacher conference at NC, Freal started roaming the halls and soon discovered the colors chosen for the lockers.

“It was horrible,” Freal said. “Why tan? Why! With THAT green. A tragedy. I knew something had to be changed. Kids can’t be surrounded by this.”

Freal connected with her Bored Housewives Association (BHA) friends and they looked for a way to combat this problem, she said.

“The BHA is above all a place to care and support,” president of BHA Victoria Macantire said. “Nothing excites us like school improvement.”

After much deliberation BHA has chosen “Nantucket Blue” as the new accent color matched with “Nebulous White,” a trendy pairing, Macantire said.

The project has caused a lot of controversy as many people see this as an unnecessary improvement.

“Yeah, the lockers are ugly I’ll give the moms that,” Mason Brah ‘19 said. “But like they are just there to hold my books, it is not worth all this money to fix.”

The BHA estimates costs around $10,000 to fix; however, they are currently under negotiations with painting companies to try and lower it.

“It’s not that simple to just throw some paint on the lockers,” Ricky Gomez, owner of Painters Inc., said. “These moms want it done perfectly inside and out, that requires a lot of manual labor on over 2,000 lockers.”

Even with all the controversy, the BHA successfully got its proposal through the school board. Currently, they are looking into financing solutions and are considering fundraising.

“I always tell my classes if you want something changed get your parents involved,” William Howard, math teacher, said. “The BHA is the shining example of how the school board is susceptible to this power.”