LT implements speed minimum for hallways

Sarah Grier, Assistant web editor

After years of student’s turtle-like pace in the hallways, Officer Terry Paul has finally posted the 15 leg paces per hour (LPH) speed minimum in the halls. Students and faculty now adjust to the major changes in the pace throughout both North and South campus.

“I no longer feel like a freshman when I run to my next class,” Kendreekial Juntas ‘17 said. “I was so excited that I cannot get caught behind a slow-walking group and get side-eyed as I go around.”

Hull has posted multiple radar speed signs throughout the campuses to bring awareness to the need of fast pace. In addition, Hull will give radar guns to designated faculty members to ensure the following of this rule.

“I am working on getting this included LT first class principles,” Paul said.

The penalty for a hallway pullover is a loss of exemption. This has led to a large protest by lazy students.

“This has gone too far,” Wendy McDonald ‘19 said. “I will not stand to watch the administration threaten innocent walkers exemptions, therefore I am organizing a lay-in. All students will lay, lining the halls, during the passing period before sixth.”

The speak up line has been filled with complaints over the new policy calling out LT for “bullying students into running,” Dr. Brain Waterwoman said.