Fan gives student wacky new ‘doo

Heat wave prompts teachers to crank ceiling fans dangerously high

Caroline Konstant, Pulse Editor

Student Mark Curley ‘18 was stunned when she found five inches of her hair on the floor moments after a ceiling fan blade detached and flew in her direction. Her hair was unevenly cut all along her right side, leaving her with two different hair lengths. No students were injured in this incident.

“I always feared that the fans were traveling at high speeds,” Curley said. “Never would I have thought that I would have to go home and explain to my mom how I got a haircut at school.”

The fan was traveling at 6000 rotations per minute, almost 30 times the average speed of a ceiling fan. When maintenance came to check in on the fan’s speed dial, it was noted that the spring inside was dislodged, allowing the fan to exceed maximum velocity.

“In all my years working here I have seen some pretty crazy [things] happen,” maintenance worker Manny Fixer said. “But when a girl gets her hair chopped off, we all know that this school is old as sticks.”

More classroom fans were checked and all had the same defect as the faulty fan.The school plans to replace the fans over the summer to ensure that students are safe from the dangers of old equipment.

“Safety is our number one priority,” principal Dr. Brain Waterwoman said. “If I could prevent one more uneven haircut, I would.”