Deformed student finds calling in part-time job

Faulty bell mechanisms no longer ail North Campus as senior Kwasi Modo begins working in bell department

Charlie Stefuicki, Managing editor of content


During the 2016-2017 school year, the students and staff of North Campus have lacked a certain charm throughout their day. The bell, one of the most iconic features of the century-old school building, had been out of service for the majority of the year. School administrators floated the idea of offering the part-time job of Bellringer to students at board meetings to combat the mechanical issues, and now, patrons of LT can enjoy the chimes once again.

Standing at a staggering 5-feet 6-inches (5-feet 9-inches if you include the hunch), Kwasi Modo ‘17 has opted to hike up the stairs to the belltower every hour on the hour to ring the bells. His deformity, a hunched back that he has had since birth, gives him a genetic advantage to ring the bells easily and louder than they were rung previously on a timer.

“I really love this school and it’s a great honor to serve my peers this way,” Modo said. “I always loved bells growing up. My grandpa rang bells, my father rang bells, heck, even my mother rang bells.”

Modo, not known for paying much attention in class or having many friends due to years of bullying, has no problem leaving class during the day to make the ascent to the belltower and perform this service.

“I’m considering cancelling my college plans at Notre Dame to rent out a small corner of the belltower from [Principal] Dr. Brain Waterwoman and make this my career!”

LT staff and students have reportedly responded well to the return of the familiar bell during the school day, although few know that this is now a salaried job performed by an official part-time school employee.

“The bell is one of the most charming elements of our school,” Principal Watermelon said. “Thanks to Kwasi’s enthusiasm, not only has he revived a quintessential part of the LT experience, but he has done us all a favor by keeping that hunch out of the public eye.”

Plans call for adding gargoyles and further beautification to the bellower for next year.