NC lower library turns into Tinder meetup

Students utilize new furniture layout to work on casual hookups

Katie Palermo, Photo editor

The small groupings of loveseats and chairs added to the lower library have become ideal spots for students to meet Tinder dates. With the intent to create study groups, the setup has attracted primary meetups between potential couples.

“I mean ya, it’s still in school, but like you gotta kill two birds with one stone, ya know what I mean?” Chad Brader ’17 said.

The rendezvous between Tinder users started after the first week of second semester. The prior layout did not encourage unity between students and the administration felt a change was needed.

“It’s great to see this space utilized so heavily,” Principal Brain Waterwoman said. “Yes, there are more educational uses for the space, but we’ll take what we can get.”

Librarian Ida Briggs doesn’t object to the kindling of students, but wished that students would “swipe right” on suitors closer to their own age.

“Last week I had a junior girl talking about meeting a young man, ‘_DREEM_BOI_4_U’ who was 3 miles away,” Briggs said. “I thought it was nice for her to be setting it up until I overheard that he was 29!”

While there is no age restriction between meetups, the rule is that only LT students can use the space. The room is prime for a nice intimate get together but the school can not afford letting strangers into the school.

“Allowing non-students to use the space is a threat to the safety of the school,” Waterwoman said. “Since our students are meeting with their [Tinder] matches, who they bring into the school must be okay.”

The library space is in high demand and can only hold 28 students and their dates. Currently there is a sign up on the school website to reserve a spot which opens at 3:05 pm after each school day. Library staff advises students to sign up early because spots fill quickly.