Obama family fed-up with presidency

The first family grows restless with responsibilities, gives up on caring about future of country


Barack and Michelle Obama exercise their right to the national lawnmower

Izy Scott, Art Director

It started with a simple tweet from @POTUS on Friday that confirmed President Barack Obama’s attitude towards the 2016 election: “LOL. You seriously have no idea how sucky the next four years of your life are about to get without your buddy Barack 🙂 #HateYouAll #SoDoesTrump.”

The tweet, in reference to the puzzling stir of events in the seemingly hopeless presidential campaign, was accompanied by a photograph of President Obama standing on the Oval Office desk wearing a baseball cap backwards and grey sweatpants revealing the waistline of “Obama ‘08” boxers.

This has not been the only development of the President’s newfound carelessness, as during a speech last week he stopped mid-sentence, said “I literally can’t even anymore” and dropped the mic on a sleeping Joe Biden’s head before swaggering offstage humming Green Day’s “Good Riddance.”

“It took everything for me not to start laughing mid-speech,” Obama said in response to his actions. “I realized that whatever I write within the next few months will be burned in front of the White House during the new president’s initiation ceremony anyways, so what the heck. I get updates on my cell of how many more seconds until I’m out of this joint.”

The president has not been the only member of the Obamas totally over his presidency, as proven by Maliya Obama’s recent Instagram post. The post featured a hazy image of the president mowing the White House lawn shirtless and slugging a beer while his wife Michelle behind him sports a tattered “Let’s Move Campaign” T-shirt while eating a 24-pack of Dunkin Donuts Munchkins.

“All I have to say is I totally get why the chubs of America LOVE sugar,” Michelle said with dried chocolate on her face in an interview. “Kids only show up to my ‘Let’s Move’ Campaigns for the free food anyways, so I’m probably just going to change the name to ‘Let’s See Who Can Get the Fattest By the time Barack Leaves Office.’”