Adult Special Education performs annual showcase

First ever Holiday Song Fest


The Adult Special Education Program performs a ‘Holiday Song Festival’ (Cummings/LION).

Jaclyn Cummings

The Adult Special Education Program hosted a Holiday Song Fest on  Nov. 21 for the LT community in the SC PAC. With 23 performers and 21 songs, the drama crew created a festive night for family and friends.

“The performance filled me with so much joy,” Annaliese Dorchinez 24’ said. “I couldn’t stop smiling the entire time. I was so inspired and uplifted seeing the performers’ genuine happiness and all the hard work they put in”.

Directed by Christine Rhak-Grohne, the sing-along ran for an hour with the participants taking part in 11 acts. The songs ranged from classics, such as “Let It Snow,” to modern beats like “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas” and “Run Run Rudolph”. With costume changes and creative dance, Grohne and her crew brought the holiday cheer to the audience.

“It is so important to go to [the Holiday Song Fest] because it’s such a good experience to see the amazing talent of people who are different from you,” Dorchinez said.

While you may have missed out on this year’s song fest, don’t worry. Drama for Adults with Special Needs is already preparing for next year’s musical, “Mamma Mia.”


The LION thanks…



Danny Baker

Emily Bryan

Abby Bryant

Zach Bundra

Ben Ellenby

Shannon Flynn

Josh Hein

Melissa Hoffmann

Brayanna LaConte

Laura Lockett

Brendan Loftus

Holt Mapel

Brian Marino

Shelly Meegan

Hope Murphy

Laura Rehak

Brian Santangelo

Varun Soni

Renee Vrchota

Carolyn Wagner



Director: Christine Rehak-Grohne

Assistant Director & Choreography: Donna Walker

Lights: Laura Moore

Sound, Playbill Design & Production: Don Leynes

Costumes: Wendy Woodside

Choreography, Playbill Design & Choreography: Julie Hein

Production Assistant: Karen Johnson

Production Assistants: Marie McCraig

Production Assistant: Cathy Wagner

Choreography: Kathy Incerto


For a wonderful sing-along.