School honors, celebrates American Black History Month in February

Student Equity, Belonging Committee guides day filled with racial awareness


Photo gallery set up by NC librarians in order to honor Black History Month (Morales/LION).

Jeanne Mardegan, Reporter

Director of Equity and Belonging, Dr. Jennifer Rowe, along with the Student Equity and Belonging Committee (SEBC), are planning to honor Black History Month this February with learning activities for the whole school, she said. The goal is to educate and spread awareness on the historical impacts of the Black community.

“I really think it’s our American story, and if we don’t know our diverse history, then we aren’t doing a great job as a school,” Rowe said. “It’s our goal to allow you, as young people, to be thinkers and have these experiences where you can ask great questions.”

Rowe and her student-led team planned a day filled with opportunities to embrace African American culture on Feb. 11. Throughout the school day, a show with singer and performer Maggie Brown, titled “Legacy,” occurred  along with performances from LT’s very own choir and steppers, Rowe said.

“[The show] is looking at Black history through music, starting with the roots of African drumming, all the way to today,” Rowe said.

Teachers could sign their classes up to attend this event in-person. To limit contact between students, they also held an optional livestream for all classes during fourth and fourth period at NC. Following the show, teachers could take their classes to a Q&A session in-person or on Zoom during seventh and eighth period.

Partnering with LT Reads Book club, students will also have the opportunity to join the book club during this month and bring awareness through reading. During February, the group is reading the historical young adult novel titled “Angel of Greenwood” by Randi Park, NC librarian Cheri Price said.

“Black history is American history,” Rowe said. “We shouldn’t [talk about] Black history just in this time, but be learning about it in all times. [Black History Month] is a great way for us to center it and help us think about it as we walk forward.”