‘Daisy Chain’ features LT students, alumnus

Students grow band despite challenges presented by COVID-19


Wolfgang Burtner ’22 performs covers and original pieces with Daisy Chain at Pub 78 in Brookfield on Jan. 16.

Nicholas Barbera, Reporter

Since December of 2020, lead singer and guitarist Wolfgang Burtner ‘22, bassist Andrej Mitevski ‘22, and drummer Will VanDerLaan ‘21 have all participated in a rock band of their creation called “Daisy Chain.” COVID-19 permitting, they have played various gigs and are a part of record label companies Beercan Records and Council Records, which have helped them create physical copies of their music on vinyl.

“We enable each other to be creative and do what we want to do,” Burtner said. “That makes it really enjoyable to be in the band.”

VanDerLaan is currently in college. In order to circumvent the physical gap between the band members, song ideas take the form of recordings, Burtner said.

“When I think of a song, I send a demo to Will [after] I’ve recorded myself playing it,” Burtner said. “He’ll write a drum part, and we’ll plan on times to practice, if we’re lucky to perform.”

Cooperation between band members, in terms of concert dates and general long term planning, has played a big role in allowing the band to create such songs as “Something from Nothing” and “Edelweiss Pirates,” Burtner said.

“We both have really similar goals,” Burtner said. “If we decide we want to perform, then we [can] talk about what we want.”

The band also has a photographer, Zoey Knipstein ‘22, who keeps track of their performances and overall history.

“The energy from all the people there is always super fun,” Knipstein said. “It’s fun to see what will happen, because you never know what photos you’re gonna get.”

Through the midst of COVID-19 restrictions and recent Omicron variant outbreaks, the band is trying its best to release music, while ensuring the safety of its members, Burtner said. This upcoming summer will yield the most opportunities for music making for the band including participating in more gigs such as their recent one at Pub 78 in Brookfield on Jan 16.

“[Being in a band is] fun, and it’s a way to express yourself,” Burtner said. “It’s something that I can commit myself to, it’s rewarding, and I enjoy doing it.”