All-school postponed due to COVID-19

StuCo plans for outdoor spring event

Maddie Gee, Reporter

Due to the rise in COVID-19 cases locally and across the country overall, a large-scale gathering became an apparent problem for administrators planning on hosting the All-school Assembly sometime in February, principal Jennifer Tyrrell said. Even so, Tyrrell and Student Council officers have talked about integrating smaller-sized events throughout January and March.   

“All-school aside, I think we should always be thinking of the things that can enhance our students’experiences, and I always want to know what ideas our students have,” Tyrrell said. 

Student Council members are optimistic about an April assembly instead, which is planned to be held on Bennett Field— if case numbers allow—as opposed to the NC Fieldhouse. Clubs that performed in the Oct. 1 pep rally would not perform, as clubs without the pep rally involvement would have the opportunity to showcase their spirit, Student Council President Maia Halm ‘22 said. However, regular performance teams such as marching band, along with competitive and spirit cheer, would continue to be involved.

“Even though it’s postponed, don’t use this as a day to skip, because not a lot of schools can say that they have an all-school assembly with 4,000 plus kids there,” Halm said. 

Leanne Kappeler ‘22 recalls from past all-school assemblies not only seeing the wide variety of clubs compete against each other from a student perspective, but also reactions from the massive crowd when being a superfan, she said. If a student were to attend a certain amount of meetings in Student Council, they are prized with the option of the superfan position: carrying T-shirt cannons that encourage heightened energy of students in the stands. 

“It’s a little distancing having two campuses where freshman and sophomores are at South, and juniors and seniors are at North,” Kappeler said. “So, it’s nice to have everyone together to feel  like a whole school where we play games, receive prizes, and sometimes, bring outside guests.”