Schools close due to harsh snow conditions

Schools close due to harsh snow conditions


Snow remains the day after Feb. 2 at NC (Gee/LION).

Maddie Gee, Reporter

On Feb. 2, 2022, schools throughout the Chicagoland area announced their closure due to a large amount of snowfall. Much of the Chicago area saw five or more inches of snow, with more than nine inches being on the high end in some regions.

 Illinois governor J. B. Pritzker issued a disaster declaration on Tuesday prior to the major winter storm, and thereafter dispatched 130 members of the Illinois National Guard to be of assistance with surrounding stormy conditions, in order to ensure that resources were available. 

“On the ground, all state assets stand ready to assist,” Pritzker said in a press release, and as reported by NBC5 Chicago. “I encourage everyone to do what you can to stay safe; listen to local authorities to stay up to date with the latest conditions in your community and make sure your household has essentials.”

Lyons Township High School did not hold classes on Feb. 2, online or in-person, due to a snow day built into the yearly school calendar. After-school athletics and clubs were canceled as well. This was the first snow day without asynchronous learning in place since last year.

“[If] future emergency days are necessary, we will implement our e-Learning plan,” Superintendent Brian Waterman said in an email to the LT community. “We are able to [have no online or in-person classes on Wednesday], without affecting our 2021-22 school calendar.”

Students enjoyed a break from the week with a “traditional snow day.” Laura Nduka ‘23 was grateful for a free day to study for tests upon the return to in-person learning. 

“I am so glad we do not have asynchronous learning today,” Nduka said. “I can relax, do whatever I want, not have to worry about bad weather conditions, and have another day to study.”

Cami Menguy ‘23 valued having more time to rest. 

“I’m definitely looking forward to sleeping in,” she said when she heard the news of the snow day. “I think we all could use a break right now, and am so relieved to have a traditional snow day so we have the day to ourselves.”

Principal Jennifer Tyrrell also approved of the day off as opposed to remote learning, she said.

 “[It has] got to be a snow day,” Tyrrell said in a video posted to the LTHS District 204 Instagram account.